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Achievement & Flagchasers Friendly Federation (74560)
Achievement & Flagchasers Friendly Federation
Chief Officer: Kelenehan
Founding Date: 10/05/2007
Members: 332 (on 16 Apr 09)
Languages: English

The Beginning[edit]

The Achievement & Flagchasers Friendly Federation was formed on the 10th of May 2007 by Kelenehan from Ireland. He decided to form the federation because he had been interested in flag chasing for a few weeks but failed to find an effective federation for finding friendlies. He felt that if every nation had an equal number of members that this would add balance to the seeking of new flags. His interest in achievements was also an important factor in his founding of the federation as there are achievement points available for founding a federation with 5 member or more.

Recruitment Team[edit]

The recruitment of new members to the AFFF was initially undertaken by the founder. He sent guestbook messages to other flagchasers and achievement seekers around the world asking them to join the AFFF. He let them know what nations had joined already and that they would be one of only five members from their nation. Many members did join to become the early core of the federation, whilst others were offended by Kelenehan's spam and reported him for it. After several fines for spamming he decided that he needed a recruitment team with new and less offensive recruitment ideas.

The new recruitment team was lead by El_grande_king from Belgium. His recruitment ideas and hard work resulted in him becoming the AFFF Director of Recruitment. The AFFF has a Chief of Recruitment in all zones of HT and recruiters who work with the Chiefs. The recruiters work to ensure quality of members rather than quantity of members. Only 7 members per hattrick nation are allowed membership in the federation resulting in a balance of teams from both large and small hattrick nations alike.

The membership grew rapidly with the innovative methods and hard work of El_grande_king. His hard work was again rewarded when he was offered the position of Vice-President of the AFFF. Jerguss, who was one of the Chiefs of Recruitment was promoted to AFFF Director of Recruitment in the same day. Jerguss continues to work hard with his recruitment team and the federation is thriving as a result.

Gaming & Competitions[edit]

The AFFF is home to many games which are played exclusively by the members. Many if not all of the competitions give members a chance to win 3 month Supporter packages and friendlies in rare countries.

Logo World Cup[edit]

In Global Season 33 the first Logo World Cup was introduced. Teams can enter their logo in the competition and they will later be voted on by means of polls in the federation forum. Logos will be eliminated until the final round in which a champion is crowned. The competition usually occurs every other season more or less.

Arena World Cup[edit]

The first Arena World Cup was organized by Clery and Kelenehan in Global Season 34. The contest was inspired by the very successful AFFF Logo World Cup that took place the previous season. The 3rd edition of this popular competition is currently taking place.

Kits World Cup[edit]

Kits World Cup was organized by Eminence in season 38. This competition was conceived following the introduction of the new kit designer tool that was included in the new design.


Quest is administered by Vice President El_grande_king. It is currently in its 6th season. Join AFFF for details.

Bet League[edit]

The long running Bet League competition is currently run by Jerguss. The goal is to accurately predict the winners of matches.

The Price Is Right[edit]

The Price Is Right competition was inspired by the popular television show in Season 36. The goal is to accurately predict the selling price of players on the transfer market. The 3rd edition is currently being run by Mod-Faisca.

Youth Pull[edit]

To be successful in Youth Pull you need a good youth system. You can become champion by pulling better youth players than your opponents. Ask Eminence for more information.

Bone Breakers[edit]

Bone Breakers is a competition developed by Zvanitajs for use in the Challenge Federation. Fouad_Z later brought it to the AFFF. Basically the competition rewards you for getting yellow and red cards and also for injuries to the opposing team. Join the federation to find out more.

Who Is That Player?[edit]

Who Is That Player? is a fun and easy contest created by Ramzess6. All you need to do is guess the football player from the photo!

Competitions Master[edit]

The name says it all. Competitions Master is a competition to see who does best overall in all of AFFF's games and competitions.

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