Adrians Kaulainis

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Adrians Kaulainis

Adrians Kaulainis, (PlayerID 61610231) is a legendary player in Latvian Hatrrick history. His performance on the field was not remarkable, but off the field he was almost National hero. Even now, after the end of his professional career, he can be found at legendary pub Runcis with his blonde wife.

Early life

Adrian started his career in lower league (VI.65) club dibeni2. His talent was well hidden and local coach did not bother seeking for it. It was unclear which position was best for Adrians, but he played most his games as a winger. But that has not played a significant part in his career.

The rise of hero

The talent of Adrians was discovered very unexpectedely. Actually it was not expected at all and the reasons of it is unclear subject for even the most community members.

Career achievements

Adrian's career achievements include sitting on the bench of for Latvian National team in a friendly against Nederland (06.01.2006) as a substitute keeper for Teodors Andžāns. He has also been in in the top 15 of most bookmarked players in Hattrick world for several weeks.

It is also remakrable that Adrians had never received a red card or left the game because of injury till the last season. His team mates did not call him iron man, though.

End of career

Adrians career ended unexpectedly when team owner ingaroke lost faith in his team dibeni2 and went in tālēs zilajās. The team was disbanded in 29.05.2006 and Adrians Kaulainis decided to retire.

Riga Gunners have honoured Adrian's memory by calling their stadium "Adriana Kaulaiņa Memoriālais Stadions".

Playing career

Season Matches Goals Yellow Cards Red cards
29 3 1
28 14 1 1 2 1 1
27 13 3
26 14 1 1 1
25 1 2 1 1
Total 45 1 4 5 6 1

Memorable events

  • 04.05.2005 Start of career with club dibeni2
  • 07.05.2005 First league game, first goal (32. min) and yellow card (63. min)
  • 06.01.2006 Sitting on the bench of Latvian National team
  • 13.05.2006 First injury and last match of career
  • 29.05.2006 End of professional career