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Riga Gunners is a Latvian team managed by another.

For a long time after establishing Riga Gunners, another did not read the rules nor take the game too seriously; thus, his team became the longest living team of league IV.57 (12 seasons), as well as the most successful (298 points). However, once he turned more seriously to the game, Riga Gunners managed to win the league 3 times (season 11, 13, and 15) and finally promote to III.9, where it is still playing.

The team has been located in Rīga for all of its existence, however, it has had already 3 stadiums:

  • Riga Gunners Arena - this was the team's initial arena with the capacity of 7 000
  • For some unknown reason the team later moved to Teikas Centrālais Stadions, however due to some dark accounting dealings, the club does not inform anyone about the actual capacity of the stadium
  • Finally the club decided that it needs a stable home, and moved into its new stadium that was called in honour of probably the most famous Latvian player Adrians Kaulainis - Adriana Kaulaiņa Memoriālais Stadions. The new stadium currently can host 67 499 spectators, and the club has informed their supporters that in case a bigger stadium will ever be needed - this one will be expanded.

Fun Facts:

  • After Riga Gunners promoted to III.9 from IV.57, the other 2 most successful teams of IV.57 - Hell's Guard and The Pinky Immortals - in different ways also ended up there. Currently all the 3 teams are playing in III.9 and at the end of this season Riga Gunners will have played 32 competitive games against the other 2 teams.
  • Adriana Kaulaiņa Memoriālais Stadions has on several occasions been chosen as the stadium to hold the Tcs CUP final (1 or 2 legs, depending on what format was in the corresponding year).