Akris Nijmegen

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Akris Nijmegen is a Dutch team managed by Thomas2004. It was founded on 06-03-2003.

The team became national champion in season 24, 25 and 27.

It played the final of the KNVB Beker in season 25.

Akris Nijmegen played the final in Hattrick Masters XII, unfortunately losing it to Erdo.

The team also reached the 5th round in Hattrick Masters IX and Hattrick Masters X.

Akris Nijmegen currently plays in III.11.

Prize shelf[edit]

Division VI.PNG VI.910 Division VI.PNG VI.857 Division VI.PNG VI.527 Division V.PNG V.60 Division IV.PNG IV.32 Division III.PNG III.2 Division II.PNG II.2 Division I.PNG Champion Division I.PNG Champion Division I.PNG Champion Goldenboot-new.PNG HM Topscorer