Alberto Ghinassi

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Alberto Ghinassi
Alberto Ghinassi.JPG
Personal Information
Full Name Alberto Ghinassi
Country Italy Italia
Player ID (295049985)
Position Multiskill
Sénior Club
Season 43 Italy SS Barletta __(oO)__
Season 43 - 48 Italy Castelfranco

Alberto Ghinassi was an italian player, that have played in Castelfranco. This player have the same name of ginestrino the manager of Castelfranco, for this now is in the hall of fame of the club.

  • Gol fatti in carriera: 1
  • Hattrick (triplette) in carriera: 0


Division VI.PNG
season 46

Momenti di Gloria

  • 02/08/2010 14:50 11:47 È stato scoperto da SS Barletta __(oO)__.


05-10-2010 SS Barletta __(oO)__ Castelfranco 2.000 € 0 TSI