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Ratings report may look something like this
Midfield outstanding - very low 10,00 excellent - very low 8,00
Right Defence magnificent - low 12,25 world class - high 13,50
Central Defence magnificent - very low 12,00 supernatural - very low 14,00
Left Defence magnificent - very high 12,75 supernatural - very high 14,75
Right Attack magnificent - high 12,50 magnificent - low 12,25
Central Attack outstanding - very high 10,75 outstanding - low 10,25
Left Attack solid - high 7,50 brilliant - very high 11,75
Indirect set pieces
Defence solid - high 7,50 brilliant - low 11,25
Attack passable - very high 6,75 excellent - high 8,50
Match plan
Team attitude Normal (Hidden)
Tactic Normal Counter-attacks
Tactic skill (no tactic) supernatural (+2)
Style of play Neutral +20% Defensive
Average ratings
Total player experience solid - very low 7,00 solid - high 7,50
Average midfield outstanding - very low 10,00 excellent - very low 8,00
Average defence magnificent - low 12,25 supernatural - low 14,25
Average attack outstanding - low 10,25 brilliant - high 11,50
Total average outstanding - very high 10,75 brilliant - low 11,25

Team ratings (not be confused with player ratings or stars) shown how your team performed during a match in the 7 sectors (3 of attack, 3 of defence and 1 of midfield). These ratings at the end of the match report are average ratings for the entire match time - you can view more accurate 5-minute intervals ratings by clicking on the Reviews Details tab.

Collectively, the ratings are often called Attack ratings, Defence ratings and Midfield ratings.

In match report

After each match, you will be able to read both teams' ratings on the full match report. Based on text, you can check how well or poorly the team performed. Each rating is composed of two values:

  • Primary Value - Classified using the same scale used to measure players abilities (e.g. outstanding)
  • Secondary Value - One of four possible values: very low, low, high, very high.

If your midfield was stronger than your opponent's (e.g. "outstanding" vs. "excellent") then you had more ball possession and thus probably more chances to score. The defensive and attacking ratings can be compared according to spatial logic (e.g. Left Attack vs. Right Defence).

Power Rating

   Find similar.png   Main article: Power Rating

Ratings can express the overall strength of the team and Hattrick provides a way to easily measure it: Power Rating, launched in 2020, was created to compare two teams or assess the progress of a team. It's always worth remembering that an overall rating which is higher than your opponents does not mean that you will win the match.

Before that, primitive measure were used: total number of stars players gained after playing a match, a slightly inefficient and possibly deceiving way of recording team strength. Intrepid Hattrickers found other ways to compare overall team ratings (the most popular were Alltid Hattrick, HatStats, LoddarStats, VnukStats, PStats, HTPE and ELO chess).


In old style match report, three different rating's styles were available for the same match: wordy, graphic and numeral.

Wordy view tab
Graphic view tab
Numeral view tab