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Associated Hattrick Press was the name for the news items that were shown in the right column at the Hattrick start page (before logging in). The functionnality was removed from the start page around 2006 or 2007. Since then it was only available via the community menu and was completely killed off when a new design was launched during December 2008.


So, what are the special rules for news items then? For starters, all rules that apply to Hattrick apply to published articles and news items. Also, we'd like to point out that accusations of cheating and transfer ads are not allowed.

The news should be interesting for all of the public in the league for which the article is posted. In case of global news, this is even more important.

Critiques of Hattrick are allowed, but they should be written in a diplomatic manner. Remember, we link the news from the first page of Hattrick.

So, how does your paper get to submit texts here? Contact your GM and they'll do a check of your paper, and if it's deemed good and sound you'll be appointed Chief Editor for your newspaper. This means that you (and only you for that newspaper) can publish on Hattrick. The GMs have the authority to remove news items and newspapers that break our rules.

All articles published for the global audience must be written in English (not just the announcement).

List of Newspapers[edit]

The list can be found here - Recent articles and weekly updates include items from: The_HattriX-network,, Bottom_Division_Federation and Beltrick