Axel Tapé

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Personal Information
Full name Axel Tapé
Nickname Unknown
Country  Côte d'Ivoire
Position IM
Speciality Spec1Technic.png Technical
Club Information
Current club Retired
Senior Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
Ivory Coast RB Mania 13 _?_(?)
Maldives Malediven _?_(?)
Belgium Sporting Watervliet Biljonaires _?_(?)
Romania FC Cazare7 _?_(?)
Italy Fullmetal Alchemist _?_(?)
Ivory Coast L'Empire Contre _?_(?)
Ethiopia FC aLeMkA Walias _?_(?)
Finland kaswaschas _?_(?)
Switzerland 1. FC Wundertüte _?_(?)
Sri Lanka U.S. Ratnapura _20_(1)
National Team
 Côte d'Ivoire _16_(?)
Sri Lanka U.S. Ratnapura

Axel Tapé (388793037) was an Ivorian NT player and trainer.