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Bulacan FC (94644)

Full name Bulacan Football Club
Short name BFC
Nickname The Reds
Founded2009-04-05, as Jade Knights
Owner DMSC (Danilo Mabatid Seredrica Construction)
LocationBulacan Pilipinas
Manager CedSeredrica
Ground Amana Waterpark Resort Arena
      (Capacity: 67200)
CoachPhilippines Alex Pornan
Fan ClubThe Red Carabaos
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Bulacan Football Club is a Hattrick football club from Bulacan, Philippines. The club was formed on the 4th of May, 2009 and was originally known as Jade Knights FC before changing name to Bulacan Football Club or Bulacan FC for short after it's relocation from manila to bulacan.


Bulacan Football Club (formerly Jade Knights FC) was formed as an amateur side in Manila, Philippines by a group of football enthusiasts who were too short to play Basketball, the Philippines' favorite sport. Determined to play a game they would enjoy and be good at, Jade Knights FC was born. The team first started to play against local amateur footballing teams made up of the neighbors kids and some who just wanted to kick around a ball. CedSeredrica then decided that they were too good for the neighbor's kids and made the team professional. After enjoying success for 4 seasons in Manila, the team decided to relocate to Bulacan and was renamed to Bulacan FC

The Cup

BFC's best Cup-run to date is reaching the quarterfinals of the Philippine Football Federation Cup in season 30, losing against Davao United to a 6-0 scoreline.


BFC's supporters are called the The Red Carabaos, based in the town of Pandi Bulacan. They are one of the main reasons for the club's decision to move because of their passionate support not seen from the team's previous supporters in Manila.


In 2010, the team agreed to place charitable institution Unicef's logo on the team's kit for 1 year in relation to the team's effort of helping less privileged children with the help of Unicef. Starting season 30, the team will be bannering the "SONY" brand logo on its jerseys after signing a multi-year P50 million deal with Japanese electronic giants SONY but will retain the Unicef logo on the team's practice jersey.

Unicef logo
SONY logo


Amana Waterpark Resort Arena (previously The SONY pitch at Pigrolac Arena) is a 67200 capacity stadium located at Pandi Bulacan. The pitch has seen numerous renovation starting from it's initial capacity of 12000 to meet increasing ticket demands. The club has recently changed name after the naming rights was won by Amana Waterpark Resorts from Bagong Barrio, Pandi Bulacan


Player Acquired Place of Birth

GK Italy Gianluca Carlo Anelli 03.07.2012 Italy Puglia, Italy
GK Italy Ettore Angeli 21.05.2011 Italy Lombardia, Italy
Player Acquired Place of Birth
DF Philippines Vincent Tambal 13.05.2012 Philippines Manila, Philippines
DF Bangladesh Rafsan Talab 03.07.2012 Bangladesh Rangpur, Bangladesh
DF Sweden Leopold Olsson 03.07.2012 Sweden Västergötland, Sweden
DF Germany Hannsjörg Sparschu 10.03.2012 Germany Niedersachsen, Germany
DF Chile Matías Eleysegui 27.12.2010 Chile Biobio, Chile
DF Spain Jorge Inausti 21.01.2011 Spain Catalunya, Spain
Player Acquired Place of Birth
MF Philippines Rio Gonzalez 08.07.2012 Philippines Manila, Philippines
MF Philippines Alex Pornan Captain sports.png 06.07.2011 Philippines Manila, Philippines
MF Philippines Ranel Aglipay 04.09.2010 Philippines Bulacan, Philippines
MF England Buster Colton 03.07.2012 England Avon & Somerset, England
MF Sweden Jerry Månsson 16.10.2011 Sweden Västergötland, Sweden
Player Acquired Place of Birth
FW Philippines Chew Min Pin 19.02.2011 Philippines Bulacan, Philippines
FW Philippines Syril Labastida 25.07.2010 Philippines Manila, Philippines
FW Philippines Harris Ferrer 02.06.2012 Philippines Aklan, Philippines
FW Philippines Ismael Miller 01.06.2012 Philippines Cavite, Philippines
Player Acquired Place of Birth
R Philippines Gregorio Seredrica 05.08.2011 Philippines Iloilo, Philippines
R Philippines Hagibis Che 28.05.2011 Philippines Bulacan, Philippines
R Philippines Patrick Cordova 19.06.2012 Philippines Bulacan, Philippines
R Philippines Marlo Fetalsana 08.10.2012 Philippines Bulacan, Philippines
R Philippines Mario Yan 08.06.2012 Philippines Cebu, Philippines