Burlington Burninators

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Burlington Burninators (107992)
Managed by keqrops
Club information
LocationOntario Canada
ArenaThe Consummate V
Fan ClubTeen Girl Squad

The Burninators are a Canadian team managed by keqrops, who started Hattrick in season 11, at a time when the Homestar Runner references that generated the team name, arena and fanclub seemed slightly less dated than they do today. The Burninators promoted to the All-Canadian for the first time at the end of season 23, but were not title contenders until nearly ten seasons later. They were one of the comparatively few teams to have achieved success with a defensive coach and regular use of the counter-attacks tactic. However, with the reduced effectiveness of counter-attacking in recent seasons, this style was abandoned in favour of a neutral coach and more conventional tactics.



  • The Burninators were the first team in Canada to manage a 100-star team rating. Naturally, they lost the game.
  • The Burninators are the only team to have conceded fewer than ten goals in an All-Canadian season where all eight teams in the league were attempting to compete.
  • Except for a couple of late-season injury replacements, the Burninators squad that won the All-Canadian in season 32 contained no outfielders with a main skill higher than titanic.
  • Similarly, the Burninators won their season 35 title without using any players with a main skill higher than extra-terrestrial.
  • Their double in season 39 was the first in Canada since Barrington Barons in season 7.