Cape Holland

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Cape Holland ()
managed by -
Full Name Cape Holland '04
Nickname De Nieuwediepers
Founded Season 12 - 19
Location Noord-Holland, Nederland
Arena Koegras Plaza
Coach defunct
League -
updated on: 21-12-07

Cape Holland was a Dutch football club which was founded on June 20, 2004. It was previously named Cape Holland '04, but the club changed his name in season 13. Its biggest success came in season 16, when the team won the Sealand Cup by defeating Naarden (5-2). Playing on the Koegras Plaza, the club played its last professional match in season 19. When the manager Mavuba decided to leave Cape Holland to join the Savoie national under-20 football team, the team continued as an amateur club. Five seasons later, the club went bankrupt.


The club was founded in Nederland on 30 june 2004, and got off to a great start in IX.650, promoting straight on to VI.318. Then Mavuba left the club, and took all the trophies with him to his new club. Cape Holland continued as an amateur club, but five seasons later, the club went bankrupt..


Famous (past) players

  • Gábor Nyíl
  • Gianmarco Massa
  • Moustafa Seye
  • Nicanor Tintaya

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