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Chen Hou-Sheng (41957664)
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Personal Information
Full name Chen Hou-Sheng
Nickname Chen Sheng
Age75 years and 49 days
Country  Canada
PositionInner midfielder
Current team Retired
Senior Career
Seasons (Global)TeamAppearances(Goals)
11 (23)Canada Hypherion0(0)
23 (23)Denmark Hoppebold0(0)
23 (23)Sweden Peking 0110(0)
11 (24) - 15 (28)Belgium Krislien35(5)
17 (29) - 20 (32)Portugal Whisky United38(6)
17 (33)Israel jerusalem-post13(5)
22 (34) - 24 (36)Catalunya Drinkteam United31(16)
24 (36)Spain Atlético IUS1(0)
36 (36) - 44 (44)England Mocha Chiko64(14)

Appearances and goals counted for competitive matches only.

Chen Hou-Sheng is a former Canadian inner midfielder in Hattrick.


Hou-Sheng was promoted by Hypherion on global season 23 and he surprised everybody when he made his first press conference in Chinese although he was Canadian. His promotion was not very successful. He went to Denmark and Sweden but he was victim of day trading.

In his fourth team, Krislien his career changed completely. He started playing as an inner midfielder and he alternated competitive matches with friendlies. He won two series championships and he was sold for 1 299 000 . In Portugal continued playing and winning series championships, but he was injuried a few times.

After his Israelian experience, Hou-Sheng didn't fit at all, and he only stayed for one season. According his age, almost 30, he signed up for Drinkteam United, a modest team in eighth division. He was the first player in this team to have 5 stars in the starting line-up and he scored more goals than ever in his career. He was bought for 500 000 € and sold for 600 000 € with 32 years old.

Hou-Sheng went to Atlético IUS but two weeks after dediced to move Mocha Chiko, his last club before his retirement.


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Whisky United


Drinkteam United

Mocha Chiko

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