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Ricardo Jorge Peixoto (52660505)
Ricardo Jorge Peixoto (52660505).png
Personal Information
Full name Ricardo Jorge Peixoto
Nickname Peixoto
Age96 years and 47 days
Country  Portugal
Current team Spain FC LACETANIA
Teams Managed
? - 12 (24)Portugal sporting lourenço marques
(25) - (26)
12 (27) - 13 (28)Czech Republic FC Mamutí bobek
18 (30) - 20 (32)Catalunya Drinkteam United
27 (39) - 29 (41)Poland FC Krzesiny
30 (42) - 31 (43)Spain FC LACETANIA

Ricardo Jorge Peixoto is a Portuguese coach in Hattrick.


Peixoto is a very mysterious coach. There are news about his player career and it's not certain at all when he started managing sporting lourenço marques, his first known team, but he was fired at the end of global season 24.

During global seasons 25 and 26 he continued coaching. On global season 27 he appeared in Česká republika to manage FC Mamutí bobek without success. On the contrary, when he arrived to Drinkteam United he won two leagues and took the team to the eighth division. It is rumoured that his controversial character made him to be fired.

After seven seasons disappeared, Peixoto came back to manage FC Krzesiny but he didn't win any league title. Since global season 42 he manages FC LACETANIA.


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Drinkteam United

Preceded by
Omar Cardia
Season 18 (30)
Coach of Drinkteam United
Seasons 18 (30) - 20 (32)
Succeeded by
Pompeo Vanoni
Seasons 21 (33) - 24 (36)

Players of Drinkteam United
Coaches Ricardo Jorge Peixoto · Hans-Ulrich Severin
Original Squad Isidre Fayas · Esteban Ferrando
Real Players Carlos Martín "Patxi"
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