Cingles de Bertí Cup

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Cingles de Bertí cup
Copa Cingles de Bertí
Founded April 16, 2012
Editions 29
Matches played 15 per edition
Region Catalonia
Number of clubs 8 per edition
First champions Bertí FC
Most succesful club Bertí FC (6)
Current champions Spartans HC
Organiser Bertí FC


Cingles de Bertí cup is a Hattrick tournament cup created and organizated by Bertí FC. 8 teams plays the preliminary round of the tournament, divided in two groups of 4 teams each other that plays a single row league. First and second teams of each group plays the torunament finals.


Edition Winner Runner-up Top scorers
1st Catalunya Bertí FC Catalunya Row Team Catalunya Joan Anton Moragues, Switzerland Killian Fellegger (Catalunya Bertí FC), 4
2nd Catalunya Bertí FC (2) Spain huelin04 Catalunya Ferran Such (Catalunya Bertí FC), 7
3rd Spain France Trust in Best Brazil Jesse Goulart, Italy Aldo Ranzani (Italy nuova oltrisarco), Colombia Luis Enrique Cantor (France Trust in Best), Netherlands Lukas Luijpers (Spain, 3
4th Catalunya Bertí FC (3) Spain Netherlands Lukas Luijpers (Spain, 6
5th Spain Moscones Escozíos Spain Rates f.c. France Maxime Duquesnoy (Spain Rates f.c.), Germany Jadran Radišić (Mexico Les Petits Francois), 4
6th Mexico Les Petits Francois Spain Taboada F.S. Argentina Paolo Alejandro Francioni (Catalunya Bertí FC), 5
7th Argentina Ciegos y Pelados Catalunya Bertí FC Argentina Nicolás Oreste Valentini, Argentina Alfonso Rubén Porta (Argentina Ciegos y Pelados), 4
8th Catalunya Bertí FC (4) Scotland FC Greenock Morton Scotland Joshua Trainer (Scotland FC Greenock Morton), 9
9th Spain Bañeza SD Argentina Betum FC Catalunya Josep Lluís Prat (Spain Bañeza SD), 4
10th Spain Tikiblo16 Argentina Deportivo Martín Miño Italy Fabio Gaita (Spain Tikiblo16), 4
11th Catalunya Bertí FC (5) Austria Sporting St.Pölten Catalunya Joan Anton Moragues (Catalunya Bertí FC), Catalunya Venicio Mato, Russia Luka Chistyakov (Austria Sporting St.Pölten), 5
12th Latvia Overlords Spain Tikiblo16 Germany Cai Buhr (Spain Tikiblo16), 8.
13th Serbia Krila Nisa Germany SV LINDE RHEINBACH Germany Gilbert Leki (Germany SV LINDE RHEINBACH), Poland Dawid Pączek (Serbia Krila Nisa), 4.
14th Senegal Ostend Bombers Serbia Krila Nisa Germany Daniel Emsperger (Serbia Krila Nisa), 6.
15th Germany SV LINDE RHEINBACH Argentina Betum FC (2) Germany Christoffer Wöltgens, Germany Markus Hessl, Germany Gilbert Leki (Germany SV LINDE RHEINBACH), Finland Pekka Salo (Argentina Betum FC), Portugal Belmiro Vicente (Andorra AtleticoTrippa), 3 .
16th Hungary Kunhegyes '89 Catalunya Bertí FC (2) Hungary Atád Kirchmayer (Hungary Kunhegyes '89), France Matthias Leprévost (France USPG St. Valérien), 4
17th Bolivia Adamantium CF Catalunya Bertí FC (3) Netherlands Boet Solleveld (Bolivia Adamantium CF), 12
18th Germany SV 1911 Bottrop Catalunya Ileds Germany Sören Franzky (Catalunya Ileds), 5
19th Italy Pollo di Gomma Spain Gober Girer Spain Breogán Zambranos (Spain Gober Girer), Poland Orest Majerowski (Italy Pollo di Gomma), 5
20th Hungary Kunhegyes '89 (2) Malaysia FC MALAYSIA TIGERS Hungary Győző 'Fűző' Bogdány (Hungary Kunhegyes '89), 7
21th France St-Mandé FC England Lakeside Devils Brazil Carlos Maurício Baú (England Lakeside Devils), 5
22th Mexico Les Petits François (2) Spain Gober Girer (2) Scotland Vittorio Quattrin (Scotland Fir Park Packers), Ukraine Eduard Kozoglodjuk (Mexico Les Petits François), 6
23th Argentina Rodrigo A2000 Hungary Newpalace United France Mariano Bejarano (Argentina Rodrigo A2000), 8
24th England Lakeside Devils Catalunya Ronkis78 FC Spain Rutenio Troya Medina (Catalunya Ronkis78 FC), 6
25th Argentina Rodrigo A2000 (2) France Olympisme de Marseille Italy Fabrizio Condello(France Olympisme de Marseille), 5
26th Catalunya Bertí FC (6) Hungary Newpalace United (2) Hungary István Spanovics (Hungary Newpalace United), 4
27th Catalunya FC Merda Team Hungary Newpalace United (3) Catalunya Gaietà Arumí, India Rajinikanth Dhore (Catalunya FC Merda Team), 4
28th France St-Mandé FC (2) Catalunya Bertí FC (4) Spain Enrique Yanguas Benito (Switzerland FC Champfer), 6
29th Pakistan Spartans HC Slovakia FK Zaca Spain Carlos Vázquez (Pakistan Spartans HC), Czech Republic Milan Baroš (Slovakia FK Zaca), 5

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