Grindavík Grizzlies

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Grizzlies (151228)
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Full name Grindavík Grizzlies
Owner Dronkert86
LocationSuðurnes Ísland
Ground Bláa Lónið
      (Capacity: 12.000)
CoachIceland Flosi Þórisson
Current position2nd
Fan ClubBláa Lónið Fanbase
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Grindavík Grizzlies is an Icelandic football club founded by Dronkert86


On 23-07-2020 the signatures were set, by the owners of Beeldenstorm F.C, on an agreement to create a new club in Iceland. The affiliated club was named Grindavík Grizzlies and based in the region of Suðurnes. The owner said that this was a big day for the city of Grindavík and also for Beeldenstorm F.C. in the Netherlands.

First match

The first match was played only three days later on the home ground, Bláa Lónið (Blue lagoon) Everyone in the stadium was very excited and after the match there was a big celebration, not only because of the realisation of the new club, but also by the very suprising win. After goals of Tor Øyvind Bergseng, Freymundur Erlingsson and Snorri Bragason, every felt that this was a good foundation to bring a lot of succes in the near future.

Home ground

The stadium of Grindavík Grizzlies is Bláa Lónið, which means Blue Lagoon in Icelandic. There are 8.000 terraces, 3.000 basic seatings and 1000 seats under the high-tech retractable roof. With a total of 12.000 and a big stand where the Grizzlies fan club roar ! there is a high tense atmosphere every home game.

First Season

Because Dronkert86 took charge halfway through the season, the new franchise replaced FC Gunnlauchson and took over the 2nd position in the league table. The first season was to get experience in the league and set the bar for the upcoming seasons. At the Season 62 page you can find all the results and other information about the first season of the Grizzlies.

First team squad

No Nat Position Name No Nat Position Name
1 Iceland GK Pétur Baldursson 13 Iceland DF Ástráður Grétarsson
2 Iceland DF Aðalsteinn Sigurfinnsson 14 Iceland DF Valmundur Ingibertsson
3 Iceland DF Sigurþór Atlason 15 Iceland DF Viðar Kristjánsson
4 Iceland DF Sævar Arnarsson 16 Iceland MID Carl-Bertil Högborg
5 Norway MID Tor Øyvind Bergseng 17 Romania MID Mihai Bunea
6 Hungary MID Renátó Németh 18 Iceland FW Fannar Guttason
7 Hungary MID Ferenc Kajla 19 Iceland MID Rósberg Bjarkason
8 Estonia MID Ossu Raun 20 Iceland FW Snorri Bragason
9 Iceland FW Freymundur Erlingsson 21 Iceland FW Elvar Þórðarson
10 Hungary MID Alex Szintye 22 Iceland MID Héðinn Hallmarsson
11 Iceland MID Guðjón Birgisson 23 Iceland MID Hans Úlfarsson
12 Iceland GK Sigfús Haraldsson 24 Iceland MID Valdimar Benediktsson

Youth team squad

Age Nat Position Name
16 Iceland MID Erling Gylfason
16 Iceland MID Kristjón Kolsson
16 Iceland FW Hallbjörn Hauksson
16 Iceland FW Henke Drakgård

Staff and board of directors

Name Position
Netherlands Dronkert86 Chairman
Iceland Flosi Þórisson First team coach
Iceland Eldór Stefánsson Assistent coach
Iceland Tryggvi Björgvinsson Assistent coach
Iceland Jóhannes Guðbrandsson Youth Coach
England Bobby Jackson Secretary
Iceland Rökkvi Einarsson Team doctor
Iceland Marinó Guðnason Youth scout
Iceland Ólafur Breki Erpsson Youth scout
Iceland Sigtryggur Andrésson Youth scout