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de Rechterhand (dR.) (27085)
Voorzitter Christand
Founding date 14-07-2005
Members 94
Languages Dutch

De Rechterhand (dR.) is a federation in Hattrick. The federation was founded at July 14th 2005 by eddo164 and Rob184. Christand, is the sixth and current voorzitter (president) of dR. The vice-voorzitter is Ernst_Kwapl.
Former presidents are eddo164, Rob184, User:VitesseKid_dR, Kicke and Monique-

Newbie tutor[edit]

dR. is very proud with their Newbie tutor concept. Every member of dR. can have a tutor which will help them to find their way in Hattrick, especially on the aspect of training and the economy.
The tutor concept was set up by Klein_Sigaar and is currently being coordinated by Monique-.


Instead of a friendly cup dR. organised a laddertournament. The numbers 1 and 2 on the ladder play against each other in the offseason to determine the ladderchampion of that season.


Global season Team Manager
29 FC E.D.J. Dubbel-D
30 FC E.D.J. Dubbel-D
31 Houten Dragons Koehman

The laddertournament was being played weekly and had about 18 competitors. Tournament supervisor was Klein_Sigaar.


In the first seasons of dR. a fed-cup was organised the Alles Over Transfers-federatie, called the dR.AOT.cup.
Since global season 34 two fed-cups are organised by dR., the dR.cup and the dL.cup.


The dR.cup is the main cup of dR. This cup is organised by _Baak.
The first edition of the dR.cup was played in Global season 34.


In the same season dR. also started their own dL.cup. This cup is organised by OptimusCrime. This tournament is only for late subscriptions or teams who lost in the group-phase of the dR.cup.
The first edition of the dL.cup was played in Global season 34.

Team 2 Score[edit]


Team 2 Score (T2S) is a competition on the forum where every member of dR. can participate. You subscribe two players who will get points for scoring goals. A player gets two points by scoring in a league match and one point by scoring in a cupmatch or in a friendlymatch. After the 7th leaguematch a participant can swap a player.

The game was created by former president eddo164 and has been administrated by many members. Currently the T2S is organised by GM-Interim.

Winning players[edit]

This is a summary of the players who won the T2S in the past seasons.

Global season Winner Team Points
26 Altenor Nunes Lopes Rob's jongens 32
27 Tinus Colson AFC AJAX [1] 43
28 Heinz Hödl AFC AJAX 61
29 Mario Hoogervorst Djensons Eleven 43
30 Alfonso Navarro Rob's jongens 42
31 Gustav Alb kgg-psyco's 41
34 Baltasar Pardo Methuus Boys 42
35 Baltasar Pardo Methuus Boys 65
36 Ingo Hoitema Racing Kerekewere 41
37 Baltasar Pardo CA Kortrijk 43
38 Yannick van Ittersum FC Noord-Ballewappie 40

Winning teams[edit]

This is a summary of the teams who won the T2S in the past seasons.

Global season Winning team Points
26 Rob's jongens 61
27 AFC AJAX 79
28 AFC AJAX 106
29 Djensons Eleven 64
30 Rob's jongens 78
31 diMMie en Co. 51
34 FC Noord-Ballewappie 65
35 Methuus Boys 94
36 Racing Kerekewere 79
37 FC Noord-Ballewappie 69
38 FC Noord-Ballewappie 77


Winner logocontest
January 2007

In january 2007 the first dR.logocontest was organised by Rob184.
Out of 17 contenders the logo of kkg-psyco's was voted the best. Other finalists were KVV De Helden and Amsterdam Sharpshooters.

The second edition (november/december 2007) of the dR.logocontest was again organised by Rob184.
This time 18 teams signed in and hoped to win this contest. After a couple of thrilling rounds Bokken FC and Eibergen United managed to reach the final, in which they both got 11 votes. Bokken FC (logo) and Eibergen United (logo) were both declared winner of the second edition of the dR.logocontest.
The winner of the first edition (kkg-psyco's) was eliminated in the semi-finals by Eibergen United.


In Global Season 31 dR has introduced HT-Master, a prediction game. In this game the players have to guess the result of a match based upon the ratings of a played game in HT-Netherlands.

Winners (manager) untill now:

  • Global season 31: Paniek (25 points)

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The official website
dR. at


  1. ^  AFC AJAX is a short for Amsterdamse Football Club AJAX.

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