Eibergen United

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Eibergen United (364969)
Managed by VitesseKid
Club information
LocationGelderland Nederland
Fan ClubAchterhoekers United

Eibergen United is a Dutch team managed by VitesseKid. The team is currently playing in the VI.125 series.


Eibergen United was founded on wednesday february 9th 2005 under the name Sportclub Rijnfront. That day the club played its first match. Against FC 't Rijpje the Eibergenaren were victorious: 3-0. The first official match won with an 6-0 score.

The first season (season 14) the team ended up 4th. In the beginning the team was playing for promotion, but after 7 matches it had to pull out. The team ended up in a rivalry with Frontliners and redman team for the 3rd place. The matches against Frontliners were dissapointing: 2-2 away and 0-2 at home, but against redman team there were nice victories: 3-2 at home and 0-4 away. At the end Eibergen United was one goal short for the first place.

Season 15 started very good. The team won away with 1-2 against Frontliners and at home with a smashing 7-2 against redman team. In the fifth match it went wrong. At Nieuw-Monnikenhuize it ended 1-1 against F.C. Bilspier. The next important match was the dubble confrontation with Kriena Krijgers. The first match was won with 2-1, but the second was lost with 2-0. The team was still on first place, but when the team lost against F.C. Bilspier with 2-0 it lost the first position to Kriena Krijgers. Eibergen United seemed to end as second, but in the last round there was a mirracle. Eibergen United won with 6-0 against Frontliners and Kriena Krijgers surprisingly lost to F.C. Bilspier with 3-1 and Eibergen United ended as the leagues champion.

The first season in the VIII was surprisingly good. At home the team lost only one game. In the secondlast round the team could qualify for promotion. They had to win, if they would lose, they would end up as third. Opponent was the champion: Mulderzzz United. In a thrilling match Eibergen United won with 3-2.

The promotion to the 7th division was the beginning of a difficult period. In season 17 it ended 6th and avoided relegation. But season 18 was one big faillior. Eibergen United ended with 4 points on the last place and relegated back to the 8th division.

The goal in season 19 was to promote back to the 7th division. Main opponents were powerboyz and VV MEKJE. The season started very well with a 2-0 home victory against powerboyz. But the awaymatch against VV MEKJE ended in a 3-1 loss. Eibergen United had te revenge on VV MEKJE in the home game. This was a great succes: 5-0. This was the end of the titelrace. The 3-1 loss against powerboyz in the last match didn't matter any more: Eibergen United was the champion.

Club Legends

Ko Cleven was the most popular player in Eibergen. He played from the beginning for Eibergen United. He was a great defensive midfielder. In total opa Ko, as the fans called him, played 111 matches for Eibergen and scored 7 official goals.

Filip van de Wijngaard is besides Ko Cleven the only player from the beginteam who is still with Eibergen United (Ko Cleven can be found in the Hall of Fame). He is one of the better players and can be found as winger or inner mid. In season 19 Filip van de Wijngaard won the titel of topscorer of the VIII.243.


This team has participated in the dR.cup