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Atomic Bitola
Full name: Atomic Bitola Football Club
Nicknames: The Robots
Country: North Macedonia Macedonia
Founded: "15 June 2009
League: V.29: 17-18
IV.16: 19
Location: Bitola, Macedonia
Fan Club: Daft Punks
Owner: TfO Inc.
Chairman: Aleksandar Kirkovski
Manager: Aleksandar Kirkovski
Coach: Sweden Ulf Örjansson
Assistant Coach: Sweden Tor Lundby
Youth Team
Youth Academy: FC Atomic Bitola Yth
Youth ID: (1346279)
(43,095 seats)
Atomic Stadion
(300 seats)
Primary: Red & Yellow
Secondary: Blue & White
Division V.PNG
League: 1
Macedonian Cup: 0
TfO Cup: 0
Hattrick Masters: 0
Golden Ball: 2
Golden Boots: 2

FC Atomic Bitola (full name: Atomic Bitola Football Club) are a Macedonian professional football club based in Bitola. The team currently plays in league IV.16 of the Macedonian Competition. Also the team has a wonderful youth squad called FC Atomic Bitola Yth.



FC Atomic Bitola started in Hattrick on 06-05-2009. Before that it was a bot team and were placed very low in the league. Kirko-TfO is the manager and the owner of the team.

First Season

   Find similar.png   Main article: FC Atomic Bitola/Season 17

FC Atomic Bitola started in V.29 and they didn't played the first 3 games. But then they were unbeatable and won 11 games out of 11. They finished 2nd. Henri Gjoka was the league top scorer with 11 goals.

Second Season

   Find similar.png   Main article: FC Atomic Bitola/Season 18

FC Atomic Bitola started their first full season on September 12th 2009 against Slavia Kavadarci. The result was 1-1. That was the only game that they didn't won. They finished 1st in the league and they promoted automatically in IV league. Henri Gjoka again was the top scorer with 19 goals.

Third Season

   Find similar.png   Main article: FC Atomic Bitola/Season 19

FC Atomic Bitola promoted and are playing in division IV.16. Their first game was on 02-01-2010 against Juve Italy. They won 7-0. Finished 5th and they played a qualification match and stayed in the same league by winning that match.

Team Name

The team name was given by the owner of the club. They were named after a DJ in Bitola, Macedonia called Atomic Kirko.


  • Name - Highbury
  • Region - Bitola, Macedonia
  • Capacity - 43,095
  • Other Facilities
    • Atomic Arena (Youth Academy)


Atomic Bitola has two major sponsors, TfO Inc. and ENCOM. Their kit sponsor and supplier is Nike, and other minor sponsors include Sony VAIO, Pixar and O2. TfO Inc. is a company created by a group of guys in Bitola. Aleksandar Kirkovski is one of the founders of TfO Inc. which provides the club with sponsorship money, and having Aleksandar Kirkovski managing, owning and running the club. Atomic Bitola and TfO Inc. have a very tight, unbreakable relationship. This, therefore, means that the second major sponsor, ENCOM, gets the shirt sponsor rights.

Period Kit Supplier Major Sponsor Shirt Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Minor Sponsor Minor Sponsor
2009-2010 None None None None None None
2011-present Nike TfO Inc. ENCOM PIXAR Sony VAIO O2

Fan Support

Coming from the city of Bitola, football capital of Macedonia, there is no doubting the passion and energy the fan club has. They call themselves "The Daft Punks". Now there are 2,146 "Daft Punks".


Perhaps the strongest rivalry Atomic Bitola have is that with cross-town rival F.C. Bitola Stars. The teams share a strong, yet special, rivalry because the clubs managers are best friends, but are very competitive when it comes to the crunch. Kremkovci and FK NAJDOBRI and Atomic Bitola also share a fierce rivalry for the same reason, but the stakes aren't as high when Atomic's face Bitola Stars.


Senior Squad

No. Position Player
1 GK Italy Vincenzo Campagna
3 DF North Macedonia Lisin Çuflaj
4 MF Spain Fernando Moreno Sáenz
5 DF Austria Mario Steiner (Captain)
6 MF France Lucien Dudout
8 MF Turkey Metin Orkutay
9 FW North Macedonia Adam Dulović
10 FW North Macedonia Usian Strati
13 GK North Macedonia Todor Bubakjovski
14 FW France Pascal Bahuaud
16 MF North Macedonia Meriç Semir
17 MF Switzerland Dejan Messman
No. Position Player
18 DF North Macedonia Arbër Caushi
19 MF Finland Teemu Taurila
20 DF North Macedonia Todor Bubakjovski
23 FW North Macedonia Devoll Merxha
27 MF Netherlands Nicholas Verzijlberg
28 MF North Macedonia Gligor Nestorovski
29 MF North Macedonia Dragi Gelevski
35 MF Sweden Tor Lundby
52 FW Germany Sebastian Strondl
55 MF North Macedonia Dejan Veterovski
58 DF North Macedonia Rade Dobrevski

Youth Squad

No. Position Player
1 GK North Macedonia Dijan Gami
3 DF North Macedonia Tane Zafirovski
5 MF North Macedonia Velson Idrizi
6 MF North Macedonia Ile Zivkov
7 MF North Macedonia Jovce Manasievski
8 FW North Macedonia Andrej Cholak
No. Position Player
9 FW North Macedonia Saimir Karaj
10 FW North Macedonia Velson Shqipëtari
12 DF North Macedonia Mihailo Aranđelović
13 MF North Macedonia Rajko Martinoski
14 FW North Macedonia Pandeli Muka

Hall of Fame

No one is still in the hall of fame.


Aleksandar Kirkovski

Manager - Aleksandar Kirkovski  Severna Makedonija

Kirko-TfO played hattrick way back but due to some internet problems he quit. Kirko received his second team on the 107-06-2009, and named his team "FC Atomic Bitola". The youth squad waas named as Atomic Bitola YTH. He, along with his team of coaches and trainers, have devloped, bought, and played a wide variety of players from various countries, and training them into the players needed for the team's style of play. He's only trophy till now is the V League. He developed some great players.


Season (Global) Series Standing Wins Draws Losses GF GA GD Points Cup (Eliminated By)
17 (35) V.29 2nd 10 2 2 58 12 +46 34 None
18 (36) V.29 WINNER 11 1 0 96 7 +89 40 Round 3
19 (37) IV.16 5th / / / 53 26 27 25 Round 3
20 (38) IV.16 5th / / / 42 39 +3 18 Round 3
21 (39) IV.16 5th / / / 49 35 +14 23 Round 3
22 (40) IV.16 5th / / / 51 47 +4 21 Round 3
23 (41) IV.16 TBA / / / / / / / Round 3


Club Honours

Division V.PNGSeries Champions

  • Winners: (1) V.829 (Season 18, 30)
  • Runners-Up: (1) V.29 (Season 17, 29)

National Cup.PNGMacedonian Cup

  • Winners: Nil
  • Runners-Up: Nil

HT Masters.PNGThe Hattrick Masters:

  • Winners: Nil
  • Runners-Up: Nil

Individual Honours

Goldenball.png Golden Ball

  • Winners: Henri Gjoka(Season 17,18)
  • Runners-Up: Nil

Goldenboot-old.PNGGolden Boot

  • Winners: Henri Gjoka (Season 17 with 11 goals and Season 18 with 19 goals)
  • Runners-Up: Trajan Osmanovski (Season 17 with 8 and Season 18 with 12 goals)
  • Note: The Golden Ball award goes by the highest number of stars. If there is a multiple number of players with the same amount of stars, then the winner is decided by the highest TSI. The winning player must've played a minimum of 5 matches, this does not count for runner-up.

Statistics and Records

For more details on this topic, see FC Atomic Bitola records.

holds the record for Atomics appearances, having played 147 first-team matches from 2008 onwards. His 150th cap will be a great occasion.  comes second, having played 143 times. The record for a goalkeeper is held by Boris Arce, with 133 appearances.
is the club's top goalscorer with 50 goals in all competitions from 2008 and onwards. Fili Rutland's total of 43 comes in second, with Giannopoulos coming in 3rd with a total of 35. Sparta's record home attendance is 30,000 exactly, at the Souvlaki Stadium.



Date Achievement Points
14-01-2008 Pulled a youth player 10
14-01-2008 Team was ranked amongst the top 3000 25
19-01-2008 Bought player 10
29-02-2008 Player's skill increased 10
15-04-2008 Sold player 10
02-10-2008 Fan club size exceeded 1000 members 5
07-03-2009 Cash is king 15
05-05-2009 Sold a youth player 10
09-07-2009 Sold a rebought youth player. 10
09-02-2010 Promoted a player to Hall of Fame 15


Date Achievement Points
16-01-2008 Home-grown lineup 25
23-01-2008 Team reached more than 20 stars in a match 5
13-02-2008 Played international friendly match 10
16-08-2009 Team reached an average match rating of weak. 5


Date Achievement Points
06-06-2009 Wrote a forum post 10
10-06-2009 Wrote a press announcement 10

Flag Collection

Hosted Countries
Sweden Spain South Korea Greece Germany

Visited Countries
Finland Poland Portugal Italy Spain Romania Ukraine Greece Slovakia Germany

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