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FC DeRibas (527438)
Preceded by
Season 54 and Season 55
Succeeded by
Thought Police's Unfortunate Victory
FC DeRibas.jpg
Managed by Sa_Bur
Club information
Location Odesa Ukraina
Geographic areaEastern Europe
Founded28-04-2005 (13/25)
StadiumSKA-70 Odessa (100 001 seats)
Fan ClubSoborka
Team colours
http://res.hattrick.org/kits/20/193/1926/1925722/matchKitLarge.png http://res.hattrick.org/kits/14/133/1325/1324724/matchKitLarge.png
Prize shelf
HT Masters.PNG Goldenboot-new.PNG Goldenboot-new.PNG

Cupseason56.png Cupseason56.png Cupseason56.png Cupseason56.png Cupseason56.png

Division I.PNG Division I.PNG Division I.PNG

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Division IV.PNG Division IV.PNG Division IV.PNG Division V.PNG Division V.PNG Division V.PNG
Youth Team
Team nameDeRibasik
Last update: 15/02/2014

FC DeRibas is a Ukrainian team managed by Sa_Bur, Hattrick Masters winner in season 54.


SKA-70 Odessa Arena is the arena of Deribas

Total capacity: 100 001 seats
  • Terraces: 57 200
  • Basic seating: 25 500
  • Seats under roof: 14 000
  • Seats in VIP boxes: 3 301

 last improvement: 06-09-2013


19 (31) 610 (998)

Prize shelf

  • HT Masters.PNG Hattrick Masters Champion (global) season 54
  • Division III.PNG III.8 champion season 35
  • Cupseason56.png Ukraina Cup season 35
  • Division IV.PNG IV.45 champion season 34
  • Cupseason56.png Ukraina Cup season 34
  • Division V.PNG V.68 champion season 33
  • Division V.PNG V.210 champion season 31
  • Division I.PNG Vyscha Liga champion season 24
  • Cupseason56.png Ukraina Cup season 23
  • Goldenboot-new.PNG Hattrick Masters Golden Boot (global) season 42
  • Cupseason56.png Ukraina Cup season 22
  • Division I.PNG Vyscha Liga champion season 22
  • Goldenboot-new.PNG Hattrick Masters Golden Boot (global) season 41
  • Cupseason56.png Ukraina Cup season 21
  • Division I.PNG Vyscha Liga champion season 21
  • Division II.PNG II.1 champion season 18
  • Division V.PNG V.238 champion season 29
  • Division II.PNG II.3 champion season 16
  • Division III.PNG III.8 champion season 15
  • Division IV.PNG IV.45 champion season 10
  • Division IV.PNG IV.11 champion season 8


1 (global season 54)
2 (global season 41, 42)
5 (global season 39-41, 52-53)
3 (global season 39, 40, 42)


Hattrick Masters. The winner takes it all. Interview with Sa Bur.

Written by Salnas (27/02/2014 14:35)

Sa Bur (2718983) - Ukraininan HT-Legend reached Hattrick Masters quarterfinal in 2010 and disappeared for 10 seasons to be back to win this golden trophy. Do you wanna know how he made it? If that's the case, you have to read this interview!'

Hello, let us find out more about you.

My name is Aleksandr Burlet, I'm a 43 years old. I live in Odessa, Ukraine. I have an higher juristic education, but currently I'm not working.

Did you already celebrate HM victory?

Good question, I'm still drinking since Thursday (an interview dated in Monday 10:00 hattrick time - editor's note). I just bought my second pint of beer, for today.

Wow, so you are already boozy at the moment :)

Actually not already, I'm still :)

I heard that you were not drinking for some time before Hattrick Masters final. Is it true?

Yes it is. I didn't drink any alcohol at all since New Year because of the Masters. I have noticed that when I drink I have no luck, especially in very important matches. But it's not only about HT. During the HM final I was really scared, but I was sure about my idea - I'm allowed to drink only after the final whistle, otherwise I'll lose.

It was your 6th partecipation at the Hattrick Masters, and 4 years ago you reached quarterfinal. After that you started to earn money in lower divisions. Did you dream about HM since that moment? It was your main goal to win the most important club trophy?

Honestly I didn't believe that I could have done it. But yes, it was my main goal.

How long it takes you to earn the money? How much time do you spend on transfer market each day?

It doesn't take too much time, to be honest. I had to work for 10 seasons, but I didn't spend too much time for transfers. I was just buying 20 yo IMs with 9-11 playmaking, already with some additional pm trainings, and I was trained them in playmaking until the following skill level, plus one level in passing, to sell them later. That's it. Moneymaking is not for me.

If moneymaking is not for you, how did you survive those 10 seasons of playing non-competitive matches in hattrick?

I was elected a coach of NT Ukraine. With some luck, some people asked me to try it. I wonder what would be if I didn't. Probably I wouldn't have realized my projects. And one more thing is sure at my eyes: there is nothing like NTs, even Hattrick Masters can't be a substitute for it. NTs are special.

How much money have you earned before you start to buy your monster players?

I was training a bunch of defensive forwards for myself plus I had 140 mln EURO before I started to buy players for HM, so I can say it wasn't needed to wait to reach some specific amount of money.

Could you please share your defensive forwards skills with us?

Playmakiing 15, scoring 13, passing 16, winger 5. Those skills have one of my TDFs who is part of NT Canada. Of course it's not the best one. But I would like to add one more thing: it's very important to have not only technical DFs but quick as well.For example in HM semi-final those quick spec saved me from losing the game. If I hadn't have a quick defensive forward, then you would have probably taken an interview with someone else. And one more, last thing, about set pieces specialists: I think their importance is overrated. In semi-final a penalty was scored by a player with set pieces 12. In the final a corner kick with a SE corner+head goal was performed by a player with set pieces 10. So my decision is to not spend a place in my line-ups for set pieces specialists.

When I see you matches in HM this season I clearly see the formula of your success. It is 253 with 3 DFs. All the matches (except first two) were played using this line-up. Moreover, all teams (from quarterfinals) were using in their line-ups just DFs, and no normal forwards. Don't you think that normal forwards will die like dinosaurs if there will be no changes in their contribution to midfield?

In my opinion 253 with 3 DFs is the strongest tactic in hattrick, nowadays. First time I noticed that as a coach of NT Ukraine when I played first time this line-up against NT Schweiz in WC 3rd round. ((424299696) - editor's note).

Do you have normal forwards in your team?

Yes, I have two, but I don't use them :)

How do you think can a Long Shot team reach HM final some day?

In theory of course it can happen, but I would not bet on it.

During this HM did you use some trick to achieve the result? When I say tricks I mean: change of coach, healing injured player by converting him as coach, change training intensity, fast bids (fast bids - when you put players to transfer no more than 3 days before the match and there are already some bids on them - you can already use those money from bids to buy extra players plus you still can use those transferlisted players in the match - editor's note)?

I think fast bids are not fair even if they are allowed by the rules. I respect Antonioni's decision not use fast bids in HM final. I know there were a lot of managers who wanted to offer him an help with fast bids. (Antonioni - russian manager, this season HM finalist - editor's note) By the way, I received some fast bid offers as well, but didn't use them of course. The only trick I made was to heal 2 injured players by converting them as coaches. One of those healed players then scored in semi-final and final.

In your opinion any manager with a money bag and good hattrick knowledge can win the Hattrick Masters?

I think to win HM first of all you need luck, then money.

How do you think, Antonioni reached final due to luck?

No, I think he even deserved to be the winner of HM.

As an HM winner you are guaranteed a place in the next season of HM. Don't you like to give a chance to play another teams from Ukraine in next HM together with you? I mean there could be 3 teams if you'll loose Ukrainian Cup this season.

I really think about it, I don't need Ukrainian cup anymore. Maybe I'll give a cup to another team intentionally, maybe in cup final, we'll see.

Do you have something to say to anyone who would aim to win HM?

Never give up!

Thanks for an interesting interview.

Thank you as well.

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