Club Federation Cup (XV Edition) Grand Final

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Event: Club Federation Cup (XV Edition)
Date: 9 April 2014 (12:45)
Venue: Serbia Holy Hole, Pančevo
Weather: Weather0 new.gif
Man of the Match: Poland Adam Ratajski
Attendance: 50,900

The Club Federation Cup (XV Edition) Grand Final was a football match that took take place on 9 April 2014, it was played at Holy Hole in Pančevo to determine the winner of the Club Federation Cup (XV Edition).

The match was contested by the two-time winners AKV Football Club and Kutyaütők SC. This game was a repeat of the Club Federation Cup (VIII Edition) Grand Final in which AKV Football Club won it's first ever title with a 0-1 win. Curiously, it would be the same result this time and also with a SP + Header event, now this time scored by Adam Ratajski, who gave the mexicans their third ever Club Federation Cup title.

This was the first final (and fifth ever) for AKV Football Club since the Club Federation Cup (X Edition) Grand Final, when they lost to Toxic Lily. Instead, this was the second final only for Kutyaütők, their first one being in the eighth edition, when they lost to AKV Football Club.

This was one of the biggest upsets in the Club Federation Cup history, as Kutyaütők SC was a II division team who won promotion for the NB I for Season 55 and AKV Football Club was just a fourth division team in it's country (altough they won promotion for the next season too). Making this one of the most uneven (at least on divisions) finals to date.

Route to the Final

  Round of 16 Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
GA1  Greece BlackStar Team (a.e.t.) 2  
GH2  Spain Morales FC 1  
  WR161  Greece BlackStar Team 5  
  WR162  USA Sons of the South 0  
GB1  Greece GOLD BULLS 0
GG2  USA Sons of the South 1  
  WQF1  Greece BlackStar Team 0  
  WQF2  Mexico AKV Football Club 3  
GC1  Serbia kreschendo 1  
GF2  Poland Cosmos Boys Gorzow (p.k.) 1  
  WR163  Poland Cosmos Boys Gorzow 0
  WR164  Mexico AKV Football Club 5  
GD1  Mexico AKV Football Club (WO)
GE2  South Korea Adepta Sororitas -  
  WSF1  Mexico AKV Football Club 1
  WSF2  Hungary Kutyaütők SC 0
GE1  Canada Mickleborough Unied 0  
GD2  Hungary Kutyaütők SC 5  
  WR165  Hungary Kutyaütők SC (a.e.t.) 3
  WR166  Belgium FC GOKA WARRIORS 1  
GF1  Greece VELLER 1
  WQF3  Hungary Kutyaütők SC 2
  WQF4  Japan Habu 0  
GG1  Canada Inter Balkan FC 2  
GB2  Japan Habu (a.e.t.) 3  
  WR167  Japan Habu 3
  WR168  Oceania Fergie's Monsters 0  
GH1  Oceania Fergie's Monsters 4
GA2  Italy Athletic club de Baba 0  
  Third Place
  LSF1  Greece BlackStar Team 1
  LSF2  Japan Habu 4
AKV Football Club Round Kutyaütők SC
Opponent Result Group stage Opponent Result
Costa Rica Soccer Legends (H) 2 – 0 Match 1 USA Cottonmouths (A) 0 – 2
USA Cottonmouths (H) 0 – 1 Match 2 Costa Rica Soccer Legends (A) 0 – 2
Hungary Kutyaütők SC (A) 0 – 2 Match 3 Mexico AKV Football Club (H) 0 – 2
Hungary Kutyaütők SC (H) 1 – 1 Match 4 Mexico AKV Football Club (A) 1 – 1
USA Cottonmouths (A) 1 – 5 Match 5 Costa Rica Soccer Legends (H) 3 – 0
Costa Rica Soccer Legends (A) 0 – 6 Match 6 USA Cottonmouths (H) 4 – 1
Team MP W D L GF GA GD Pts
Mexico AKV Football Club 6 4 1 1 16 3 +13 13
Hungary Kutyaütők SC 6 4 1 1 12 4 +8 13
USA Cottonmouths 6 2 0 4 4 12 -8 6
Costa Rica Soccer Legends 6 1 0 5 1 14 -13 3
Final standing
Team MP W D L GF GA GD Pts
Mexico AKV Football Club 6 4 1 1 16 3 +13 13
Hungary Kutyaütők SC 6 4 1 1 12 4 +8 13
USA Cottonmouths 6 2 0 4 4 12 -8 6
Costa Rica Soccer Legends 6 1 0 5 1 14 -13 3
Opponent Result Knockout stage Opponent Result
Mexico AKV Football Club 5 – 0 (WO) Round of 16 Canada Mickleborough United 5 – 0
Poland Cosmos Boys Gorzow 5 – 0 Quarter-finals Belgium FC GOKA WARRIORS 3 – 1 (a.e.t.)
Greece BlackStar Team 3 – 0 Semifinals Japan Habu 2 – 0

Match details

9 April 2014
12:45 (HT Time)
AKV Football Club Mexico 1 – 0 Hungary Kutyaütők SC Holy Hole, Pančevo
Attendance: 50,900
Adam Ratajski  Goal  27' (69536444)

GK Mexico Mauro Ozorio (c)
RB Poland Przemysław Chłopek
CB Poland August Sarek
CB Argentina Andrés María Ricciuli
CB Hungary László Tár
LB Netherlands Aad Spaanderman
RM Romania Andrei Gongea
CM Denmark Peder Ribers
CM Poland Adam Ratajski  Goal  27'
CM Serbia Stanislav Vujnović
LW Italy Alessandro Arnao
DF USA Reuben Hall
CM Switzerland Lenz Lauterburg
FW Germany Mario Poorthuis
WM Italy Luca Ribis
Netherlands Ronald Veldmans
GK Hungary Zoltán Váradi
RB Hungary Miklós Földvári
CB Hungary Péter Sidó
CB Turkey Fatih Şafak
LB Hungary Róbert Klemencz yellow card 25'
RW Hungary András Pintér
CM Argentina Marcelo G. Larrañaga
CM Hungary Tivadar Duba
LW Panama Sansón Farías
FW Netherlands Jan-Heiko Niehof (c) yellow card 29'
FW Israel Eliezer Babaev
GK Hungary Ákos Virág
DF Hungary Árpád Czipauer
FW Hungary Pál Nemere
Netherlands Jan-Heiko Niehof


The match was televised live by AKV Sports with special coverage starting 2 hours before the start of the match. They had special comments from Toni Rehakka, Gabriel Grünberg and Suomi's ex-captain and World Cup winner Antti Mechelin, they registered 19.3 points of rating worldwide.