Federaţia Brăila Mea

From Hattrick
Federaţia Brăila Mea (89190)
Chief Officer Magneto
Founding date 10.12.2009
Members 42 (on 19-04-2012)
Languages Romanian

Federaţia Brăila Mea - the biggest regional federation from Romania, with over 40 members at the moment. The federation took off at the end of 2009, the begining of 2010, when Magneto struggled to bring together the users from Brăila in a little regional federation. He got a group of enthusiastic people around him and the federation started to grow rapidly.

Magneto was in charge of the federation in its first year of existance, until January 2011, when Frunza won the elections and replaced him (Magneto didn't participate in the elections, runner-up was radoivali). In July 2011, Magneto became the boss again.

Federaţia Brăila Mea is the only sponsor of the Cupa Brăilei and Cupa Mică a Brăilei. Every season it raises over 800 days of hattrick suporter to award the partipating teams. The record was set at the Cupa Brăilei Ediţia 6 when it raised 1140 days of hattrick suporter and two books.

The record number of members was set on April 19, 2012, when 42 people from Brăila entered the federation. All but three users with Hatrick Supporter from Brăila are part of the federation.