Cupa Brăilei

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Cupa Brăilei
About the cup
Year of foundation: 2005
Type of the cup: Friendly, regional
Country: Romania România
Region: Brăila
Number of teams: 80
Season: 23rd
Sponsor: Brăila Mea federation
Title holder: infoTravels (Cipone) (2nd title)

Cupa Brăilei (Brăila Cup) is an unofficial, regional competition organized between teams from the Brăila region. It is one of the largest friendly tournaments in Romania, with 80 teams starting the competition. The first three editions of the cup were played back in 2005-2006 at a small scale, with 16 teams taking part and without any impressive prizes at stake. The rejuvenation of the cup began in January 2010. Since then, seven editions took place. The number of contestants rose from 32 to 64 and later to 80 and the prize pool had an astonishing growth, from 12 months of Hatrick Supporter offered in the fourth edition to over 35 months in season six. The total prizes of the season in process count 28 months of supporter, divided into fixed payments based on final classification.

The cup takes place in the second part of the official Hattrick season (Weeks 7-15). The main condition for registration is that all teams should be from Brăila region.


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Season 1[edit]

Main article: Cupa Brăilei Ediţia 1

The first season of the cup was organized by Ad0nis, who later won the tournament. The competition took place between 12 October 2005 and 16 November 2005. Sixteen teams were divided into four groups. Dacia Unirea Brăila won the cup, defeating F.C RapiD, managed by Arbitru, with the score of 1-0. There were no prizes.

Season 2[edit]

Main article: Cupa Brăilei Ediţia 2

The second edition took place between 22 February 2006 and 29 March 2006 and it was conducted by bogdancon, manager of the team Squadra Merluciu. Sixteen teams took part at the competition. The teams were divided into four groups of four, with two teams qualifying from each group. The winner of the tournament was Hattrick Club ConInstal, owned by Don-c_alexro, who defeated F.C. Braila, managed by citizen, with the score of 3-1. The winner was awarded 3 months of Hattrick Supporter feature.

Season 3[edit]

Main article: Cupa Brăilei Ediţia 3

Again, bogdancon was the organizer. This edition was the last staging of the Brăila Cup until the new 2010 era. The competition started on 4 October 2006 with the same group system. The prize pool remained the same: 3 months for the winner. The final took place on 8 November 2006 and Ghosts were crowned champions. The team managed by Justuletz defeated Trupele anti-dero, owned by gogu_paleologu, scoring four goals and recieving none.

Season 4[edit]

Main article: Cupa Brăilei Ediţia 4

After three years of silence, Magneto revived the regional community by initiating a brand new edition of the Brăila Cup. On 24 February 2010, the fourth season of the cup began, with 32 teams at start. Magneto's initiative proved to be very significant. Since then, the local community grew bigger and bigger and the users became more active. The prize pool reached 12 months of Hattrick Supporter, so not only the winner was rewarded, but the top three finishers. There were also special prizes for topscorer, best defense and best offense. The topscorer also recieved the Terente Trophy, a symbolic award named after the notorious bandit known for his manhood. (This was the only season when the special prizes were given in HT Supporter. After the fourth edition, the winners were given books.) The 32 teams were divided into eight groups of four. The winner of Season 4 was 0ktay, manager of FC SteauaBR. The turkish-descent wonderkid overpowered the_champion, owner of Skulblaka Champions, after a thrilling match. Final score: 5-3. The contest known as Prono Cupa Brăilei was held for the first time. Before every leg of the competition, five of the most balanced games were elected and the competitors should place their bets based on them.

Season 5[edit]

Main article: Cupa Brăilei Ediţia 5

The success of the fourth edition could be seen at the start of the new season. The number of the competitors doubled, so the teams were divided into sixteen groups of four. Thirty-two teams qualified for the first knock-out phase. (This system is still used today.) The prize pool raised slightly, reaching 15 months of HT Supporter. The group stage started on 9 June 2010. During this season, the weekly Hattrick meeting tradition was born. Every Wednesday, members of the local Hattrick community meet, talk about Hattrick, drink a lot of beer and watch the cup games in different pubs in Brăila or Bucharest. The competition was dominated by FC Ciumpalacii, managed by Jok3r, who registered eight wins in eight games. In the final, he met Squadra Merluciu. The match was very balanced, but the economics management student came victorious: 3-1. This is the first season when the Magneto Trophy was awarded to the team who totalized the most goals scored and recieved. The trophy was named in the honor of the man who brought Brăila members together.

Season 6[edit]

Main article: Cupa Brăilei Ediţia 6

The sixth season of the competition was the third and last organized by Magneto, when the cup reached its climax. The prize pool was the largest in history, with no less than 1140 days of Hattrick Supporter at stake. The tournament was sponsored by seventeen local users. The group stage began on 29 September 2010, with 64 teams at start. The cup started to gain more notoriety. More than 15 people took part at each meeting in Bucharest during the semifinals and finals. The winner of the competition was the unseeded team Frunza United, managed by Frunza, who came all the way from Pot 3 to make history. The final match was unbalanced, the current cup holder defeating Blu3Cosm1n, owner of Blu3 Braila, with seven goals to none. A real cup was awarded to the winner during the final meeting in the capital city, on November 17.

Season 7[edit]

Main article: Cupa Brăilei Ediţia 7

The seventh staging of the cup marks the retirement of Magneto from the leadership of the community. The cup is now conducted by Frunza, the season 6 top dog. He brought a more strict approach to the cup and many innovations. One of them is the addition of a new team coefficient system, a procedure that places the participating teams into the proper pot at the draw based on the past seasons performance. Hence, the rank system was abolished. Two more contests took place same time with the cup: the fourth edition of the betting contest Prono Cupa Brăilei and a brand new original quiz about the history, the geography and the culture of the Brăila region. Season 7 is the last edition held in this format. The 64 teams were divided into sixteen teams of four, with two teams advancing from each group. More than 15 people were present at the draw, which took place on 29 December 2010. The prize pool for this season remained high: 930 days of Hattrick Supporter feature, rewarding the teams who reach the Round of 16 phase or above. All the sixty-four places in the cup were filled in no more than 19 hours from the opening, setting a new record. The first match started Wednesday, January 19, 2011, and the final took place at March 9. The Season 4 runner-up Skulblaka Champions won the competition after the most thrilling final so far, defeating the bookies favourite, Magneto, owner of C.F. Brăila. After 90 minutes, the score was 3-3. In the 109 minute, Matusalém Domingues scored the golden goal, bringing the trophy to the_champion.

Season 8[edit]

Main article: Cupa Brăilei Ediţia 8

Season eight was the first under the current competition format. The large amount of registration requests made clear that the number of teams taking part at the event should be increased. Therefore, 80 teams started the competition. Sixteen of them were automatically qualified in the group stage, based on the team coefficient. The 64 remaining teams took part at a preliminary round. Those teams were divided into four pots (also based on the coefficient) and drawn together. The 32 winning teams joined the 16 team already qualified in the group stage. The format of this stage was also changed. The 48 teams were divided into eight groups of six, with two teams qualifying from each group into the knock-out stages. The preliminary round took place on May 4, 2011 and the final on July 6, 2011. Frunza, manager of Frunza United, won his second trophy, after an all-winners finale, defeating the_champion, manager of Skulblaka Champions, with the score of 6-2. Beroe Ostrov won the third-place play-off, after a tight match against keep---walking.

For season 9 and onward[edit]

Main article: History of Cupa Brăilei

Coefficient system[edit]

Starting with the seventh season of the cup, a new club coefficient system was added. The coefficients are statistics used for ranking and seeding teams in the competition. This procedure is based on the past performances in the Brăila Cup and will be used from now on to divide teams into pots at the beginning of a draw.

How to determine the coefficient?[edit]

The seasonal team coefficients are calculated as the sum of the number of points of each result:

- taking part at the preliminary round: 0,5 points

- draw in the preliminary round: 0,4 points

- victory in the preliminary round: 0,8 points

- reaching the group stage: 1 point

- reaching the first knock-out phase: 1 point

- draw in Cupa Brăilei: 1 point

- victory in Cupa Brăilei: 2 points

- draw in Cupa Mică a Brăilei: 0,4 points

- victory in Cupa Mică a Brăilei: 0,8 points

The general team coefficient is computed by the sum of 5 coefficients in the last 5 seasons.

General classification[edit]


All-time table (2005-2015)[edit]

The ranking is computed awarding three points for a win, one for a draw. Only the results after 90 minutes are taken into consideration.

Over the years over 300 teams participated in the cup, but the teams that no longer exist are not included in this ranking.

The teams in bold are stil playing in the Cupa Brăilei Ediţia XX.


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