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The Forward towards wing is a special introduced in the middle of global season 27 (somewhere at the end of October 2005).

This order requires a forward who in addition to have scoring and passing, also uses his wing abilities. This forward contributes more to the side where he is playing towards wing, whilst weakening his contribution to the central attack, and destroying his contribution to the opposite wing attack.

Forwards towards wing can be exceptional multiskill players (just like überwinger). If both attack and cross are of high level (at least world class) those players can give a great contribute to wing attack with low wage. Because of the game's wage structure, high skilled forward toward wing usually have low salaries compared to the single-skilled players who would be needed to generate similar contributions to match ratings.


The introduction of FTW gives forward trainers some more options. A team that is playing 3-4-3 or 4-3-3 could opt for a high-wing FTW because they are getting central attack already from 2 normal forwards, particularly if backed up by offensive inner midfielders. It is a good method to boost your wing attacks, especially if you play with 3 forwards.

There are also valid options for using a formation with two forwards such as 4-4-2 or 3-5-2 and playing both forwards towards wing. This can be a good choice when facing a team with an exceptionally strong central defence


There have been great discussions whether the star ratings for this type of players can be correct. The star ratings seem to be more or less simply added for the winger and striker skills, making it possible for a passable scorer with a passable winger skill to get 4 stars, a star rating which an inexperienced pure striker can normally only get with an at least outstanding scorer skill.

Apart from this the FTW adds some new strategic options to the game. Simultanious to the introduction of the FTW, the contribution of the scoring skill of forwards to wing attacks was reduced significantly (initial estimates are around 40%). This means managers really have to make an effort of getting decent wing attack ratings with attacking wingers and/or FTW.