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Disambiguation icon.png This page describes one of two HT-Stefan. For other uses of HT-Stefan, see HT-Stefan (disambiguation)

HT-Stefan was a Swedish user and since June 2008 a member of the Hattrick Team. He was a full time employee of Extralives. His main focus of work the first year was on the Redesign 2008, which he worked on even before becoming a HT. He left the Hattrick team somewhere arround the june 2010 Hattrick reboots editorial.

He was managing the team Group of Pictures (1150401), which he abandoned a few days after leaving the Hattrick Team.

HT-Stefan originally started playing Hattrick in 2001 with the nickname teftef, but left the game in 2005 to concentrate on studies. He then came back with the new team in 2007 and went by the nickname Mr. Codec until joining the Hattrick Team.