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Policy This page is an official policy on Hattrick Wiki. It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow. Feel free to edit the page as needed, but please make sure that changes you make to this policy reflect consensus before you make them.
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General policies and guidelines
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The Hattrick Wiki is not meant to be a free host for whatever article you may like to create. Therefore there has to be a set of rules to determine, if an article is or not worth being a part of the Hattrick Wiki. The following text serves as a policy for all editors and has to be followed.

Before creating an article

Before you create a new article, you need to determine whether or not it is notable and respects the above mentioned conditions.

Articles not satisfying the notability policies

Although articles should demonstrate the notability of their topics, and articles on topics that do not meet this criterion are generally deleted, it is important to not just consider whether notability is established by the article, but whether it readily could be. When discussing whether to delete or merge an article due to non-notability, the discussion should focus not only on whether notability is established in the article, but on what the probability is that notability could be established. If it is likely that significant coverage in independent sources can be found for a topic, deletion due to lack of notability is inappropriate unless active effort has been made to find these sources. For articles of unclear notability, deletion should be a last resort.

If appropriate sources demonstrating the notability of an article can't be found, there are a few possibilities on how to treat its content:

  • Merging with another article that can be considered as a parent of the article.
  • Deletion as spam. This can be done by including {{spam}} in the article, if the article meets the criteria for this tag.
  • Articles with unsure notability can be proposed for deletion.

General notability policy

  • The article and its subject must be related to the Hattrick World.
  • The article and its subject have to follow Hattrick's House Rules
  • The article must follow the various policies and guidelines of the Hattrick Wiki.
  • Notability is not temporary. If the notability of an article has been established, then it stays notable.
  • Notability has to be acquired before the article is created. Articles should not be written based on speculation that the topic may receive additional coverage in the future.

Specific notability policies

Clubs and teams

Since there is a large volume of clubs and teams, we ask that before creating an article about a team, you take the time to consider if a team is really notable.

Notable clubs

A club is notable enough to enter the Hattrick Wiki if it meets one of the following criteria:

  • It is a part of Hattrick right now and has a human owner. (Teams leaving Hattrick can keep their articles)
  • A true bot is a team that never had a human owner. Such a team is only notable enough to enter the Hattrick Wiki if it has won a national championship or a national cup (example: F.K Tiranes), or if it's the owner of a notable player (example: Baghdad Babylonians).

Notable teams

National teams and U-20 national teams

National teams and U-20 national teams are an important part of a local community as they represent it on an international level. Thus all national teams and U-20 national teams are notable enough to enter the Hattrick Wiki.

Youth teams

Youth teams are still a relatively new feature. Still some managers feel a need for their youth squad being part of the Hattrick Wiki.

Articles for youth teams have to be created in the user namespaces following this convention: User:ALIAS/NAMEOFTHEYOUTHTEAM, where ALIAS is the alias of the user within Hattrick (or at least the Hattrick Wiki) and NAMEOFTHEYOUTHTEAM is to the name of the user's youth team.


Players can be freely created, whether notable or not. Player articles have to be created under the main namespace, following this convention: FIRSTNAME LASTNAME, where FIRSTNAME is the first name of the player and LASTNAME is the last name of the player. They are both separated by a space. In case a player has multiple first or last names, they're of course listed in the same order as given in Hattrick.

In the exceptional case that two players of the exact same name are created on the wiki, the article name will have to contain the playerid to distinguish between both players. In this case, the convention is as follows FIRSTNAME LASTNAME (playerid). For example: Tim Johanneskirche (58142091) and Tim Johanneskirche (386083574). The page Tim Johanneskirche will then be reserved as a disambiguation page and will list both players.

Notable players

Note that notability rules still exist:

  • National team and U-20 national team players are notable.
  • Players that win Hattrick Masters top scorer award are notable.
  • Generally other players are not notable.

Articles for notable players are always following this convention: FIRSTNAME LASTNAME. Identically named players that are non-notable will need the playerid.


Any Hattrick user can have a page on his own in the User namespace following this convention: User:ALIAS, where ALIAS is the current or at least the most frequent alias of this user within Hattrick.

Some users can get an article in the main namespace as soon as they achieved something important.

Other rare exceptions might be made, but they have to be taken in consensus with other editors.

Geographic articles


Zones existing within the Hattrick receive an article on their own as soon as they are created. Currently all zones have an article and new zone creations are unlikely to happen.


There is one article for each continent, with the exception of Oceania being a country and continent article at the same time.


  • There is one article per country existing in Hattrick. New countries get an article as soon as they are announced.
  • Some non-HT countries have articles in the Hattrick Wiki, but these are in fact mostly normal clubs having renamed themselves.


Each region existing within Hattrick has its own article.


Read more here: Hattrick:Fanclub. Fanclubs aren't granted an article of their own. Since they belong to a team, they also belong into the article of this team.


Arenas aren't granted an article of their own. Since they belong to a team, they also belong into the article of this team.


Read more here: Hattrick:Regional club categories.

Naming conventions

Read more here: Hattrick:Naming conventions.

Non-english articles

Read more here: Hattrick:Other Languages. Hattrick Wiki accepts articles in other languages than English, given they're not pure spam, but these have to be put in a specific language folder.

Articles in the main namespace that aren't in English and not in a folder will be marked with {{non-English}} to indicate the need for a translation.