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By: HT-Tjecken 7831771.8 as reply to 7831771.7
To: Everyone 08.01.2007 at 17:25
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Is HT-Bjorn still actively working on Hattrick? I haven't seen him posting in the conference for a long time.

Nope, he's not and hasn't been for some time now. He left his role in Hattrick to other developers as he didn't feel the he had enough inspiration. But he's still around - he hasn't left the company.

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By: HT-Tjecken 7831771.14 as reply to 7831771.13
To: Everyone 08.01.2007 at 15:48
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How many people are working in HT ? Is there a division by tasks ? (match engine, relationship with users, etc.) Can you explain us who and what's his task in Hattrick's development ?

I wrote an editorial on that subject a year ago, most of it is still true. But as some got new/other roles today and we also got some new HTs which haven't been presentated there will be a new editiorial about that soon.

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By: HT-Tjecken 7831771.31 as reply to 7831771.1
To: Everyone 15.01.2007 at 21:27
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I have bot more personal, however serious question. The HT's are the founding fathers of Hattrick. You are experts in the game and know every detail and tactic. How is possible that your private teams are relatively unsuccesfull? You never won the cup or the national championship and none of you play at the highest level in Sweden.

Are you just being polite?

What do the higher ranked teams better than you?

Björn used to say that he played the game how it was supposed to work, but the best managers play the game as it really works. I think that's still a valid point.

This isn't about us being polite or so, I think our unsuccessfulness mostly depends on two things: - Even if we know a lot about the game, we don't have enough time to spend (or choose not to spend it) on our teams as we have so many other things to do when we're logged in. - Appearantly there are better managers than us in the world. At least when it comes to playing Hattrick.

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By: HT-Tjecken 7831771.34 as reply to 7831771.1
To: HT-Tjecken 17.01.2007 at 16:57
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I would be interested about the HTs working day and the atmosphere in the office?

Do some of you guys prefer the "nine to five schedule" or are you all working more on a flexitime? Do you go to lunch together or is everyone eating at home? Do you spend some freetime together as well? Are all of you "friends"? Do you take care of Sarah or is it vice versa? ;) Are there other people working (internships, janitors...)? How was christmas party?

Most of us try to work according to a nine to five schedule, but we don't always succeed. :) All of us have the opportunity to work whenever we want and whereever we want, so we do have a lot of freedom in that sense. On the other hand I think most of us spend a lot more than 8 hours at work every day, but that's partly because we enjoy what we do too.

The atmosphere at the office, where most of us try to spend the day, is fantastic. It's great fun to come here everyday as you usually laugh a lot. We're all about the same age, so I guess that helps too. We eat lunch together, and we also take some breaks to play Guitar Hero. Sometimes we also team up on evenings to play board games (History of the world is the favorite game, and been so for a very long time) and drink a few beers. Our christmas party this year was liked that in fact, we ate some nice food and played a lot of games until 4 am in the morning. :)

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By: HT-Tjecken 7831771.65 as reply to 7831771.43
To: Everyone 08.02.2007 at 17:31
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How it is posible to manage so huge company with 923.820 clients by a team of only 13 persons?

It wouldn't be possible to manage this site without the help from our voluntary staff (Moderators, GameMasters, Language Administrators and CHPP admins). Honestly, they're the true heroes of Hattrick.

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By: HT-Tjecken 7831771.108 as reply to 7831771.1
To: Everyone 07.09.2007 at 23:58
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Do you sometimes consult with professional football players, coaches, NT coaches, managers etc. when developing Hattrick?

I guess you mean football players, coaches etc in real life. No, we don't. The most professional football player who's consulted is myself I guess, and today I play on a pretty low level (Div 6, when I was youn...a little bit fitter I played in div 3). Many HTs are also real football experts as we watch several games each week on the telly. ;)

Seriously, many of us are football fanatics. And I don't know if consulting a irl coach etc would be of any real use. It's after all a simplistic game we're creating.

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By: HT-Johan 14126022.1 as reply to
To: Everyone 14.06.2010 at 13:44
This morning we published an editoial about changes we are making to the development team. You can about it here: (/MyHattrick/Editorials/)

For most of you it probably does not matter that much where we sit and how we organize ourselves, but we wanted to let you know what is happening and also answer any questions you may have about it.

We think we will be able to do a better job for Hattrick out of the new office, that's what it all comes down to. We would also like to take this opportunity to look for talented people in the community that might be interested in coming to work for us and help build the future Hattrick.

BTW, here is the new recruitment page:

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By: HT-Johan 14126022.14 as reply to 14126022.13
To: skgaia 14.06.2010 at 14:21
skgaia wrote: So dumb question, but are you looking for only local people, or does this include people overseas to help out in other ways with things they can do from home? :)

It is absolutely our priority to hire people that are able and willing to move to Sweden. Virtual teams work well up to a point, in my experience - we think a project like Hattrick needs a core team which works tightly together, to brainstorm and teach each other stuff on a daily basis. This is so much easier face to face.

But you are welcome to contact us anyway, there can e other ways to contribute or work together. Just bear in mind relocation is our focus when it comes to building the new team.

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By: HT-Tjecken 14126022.21 as reply to 14126022.19
To: Leonie9 14.06.2010 at 16:04
And what is with Tjecko? I don't see him here? :-o

Sorry. I was wearing my invisible cloak. ;)

I'll remain working for HT. I'm not ready to let go of this love affair.

Can you told us which Peoples left to work for HT?

Thomas, Hommik, Per, Kim and Stefan have stopped working for HT. Magnus will leave soon (but he's not really worked with Hattrick for a while either).

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By: HT-Johan 14126022.43 as reply to 14126022.41
To: SirAleks 14.06.2010 at 21:48
SirAleks wrote: How many people works in development team? Which is the avarage age of the team? are you all swedish people? :)

HT-Daniel, HT-Chris, HT-Sarah and HT-Klas are all Swedes and are developers. Then we have HT-Oxidus who is British. GM-Winnie and HT-weird_ed are Malaysian and Norwegian, respectively, and work for us as part time consultants. HT-Josef is on leave for walking around Japan, he will be back after summer, although we are not sure what he will decide to do when he comes, we very much hope he'll join the team in Malmö.

We have also hired two new developers to Malmö who will start after summer, both Swedish. But there are room for more and being from somewhere else is rather a plus than a minus, given that you speak good english of course.

The average age is probably around 33-34 years old.

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By: HT-Johan 14126022.50 as reply to 14126022.48
To: Morelos 14.06.2010 at 22:21
Morelos wrote: It means they are at the level of what a comparable job in the same region would pay.

how about outsourcing some tasks to poland or india?

The last few years we've engaged more and more developers, both in Stockholm and in other places around the world, and the experience of this is that it really isn't that easy to manage a team like this very well. When we sit together and work and are focused and have fun, we get so much more done we would never need to outsource anything if we worked like that all the time. Of course we have thought about outsourcing, who hasn't, but I really don't think that it would be very helpful for us, since the HT platform is so specific and so intertwined with the community legacy, which means it is more work to describe to someone what needs to be done than actually do it yourself. The only time "outsourcing" has worked well, is when really sharp developers, like Oxidus, who knows the game very well, get's a lot of freedom to make a feature that is well separated from the rest of Hattrick, such as the Kit designer.

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By: HT-Johan 14126022.73 as reply to 14126022.72
To: Loke_ 15.06.2010 at 15:02
Loke_ wrote:

The news all sounds great. Moving the HT development team closer to Denmark is a great idea ;-)

"We will be a tighter knit team, led directly by the founders"

Does this mean that Björn Holmér is returning to the development team?

I wish, that would have been so much fun. We keep in touch but as of yet he has shown no sign of interest of getting into the fray again. The founders I speak of is myself and Daniel, who started Extralives together with Björn in 2000.

Chris is also a long timer, he was part of the HT team from around 2001 and was our first employee in 2003, but then spent five years on the "outside" before coming back to the mothership.Edited 15-06-2010 15:05 by HT-Johan