Hamidi Oracho

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Hamidi Oracho
Hamidi Oracho.jpg
Personal information
Full name Hamidi Oracho
Position Winger
Number 9
Current club The Infamous Leopards
Youth clubs
Season 37 Storm & Lions
Professional clubs
Season 36
Season 36-37
Season 37-39
Season 39-now
Storm & Lions
Igaudi Sport Club
f.c.Opvelp united
The Infamous Leopards
National team
Season 37-39
Season 40-now
Flag Kenya.png Kenya U-20
Flag Kenya.png Kenya
22 (2)
1 (0)
Teams managed

Hamidi Oracho is a Kenyan football player and former player of Kenya U-20 and Kenya national team. He is currently playing for The Infamous Leopards in Nederland. He plays as a winger.



Hamidi Oracho was pulled from the youth of Storm & Lions. Only three days after he was promoted to their senior team, Storm & Lions sold Hamidi to the Brasilian team Igaudi Sport Club. After about half a season Igaudi Sport Club sold Hamidi to the Belgian team f.c.Opvelp united where he continued training his winger skills. After eight months of training Hamidi grew to big for f.c.Opvelp united and he was sold to his current team: The Infamous Leopards, from Nederland.

National Team

Hamidi Oracho made his debut on U-20 Kenya on December 12th 2008 in a match against U-20 Polska. He scored his first goal against U-20 Malaysia at January 23th 2009.
At the end of season 39 he was released from the U-20 Kenya squad due to his age. He kept training and was added to the selection of the national team of Kenya in season 40 and played his first match for the national team on september 18th 2009 against Italia.


Season(s) Club Country
season 36 Storm & Lions  Kenya
season 36-37 Igaudi Sport Club  Brasil
season 37-39 f.c.Opvelp united  Belgium
season 39-now The Infamous Leopards  Nederland