Hao Nam United

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Hao Nam United
Oman FC
Team Facts
Team ID: (1990072)
Country: Vietnam
Region: Hà Nội
Arena: Hao Nam Street Stadium
Fan Club: Love Machine
Youth Academy: TTs Cave
Youth Arena: TTs Cave
Supporters: 810
Coach: Pasi Borowska
Kits: HNUK.jpg
The Manager
Avatar: Acmadaica.jpg
HT-Username: acmadaica
Gender: Male
Nationality: Vietnam
Joined: 05-18-2009
Prize Shelf

Club History

Hao Nam United, the soccer team based in Ottawa, Canada was transferred to acmadaica on May 18. The club name was changed from Vnacmadaica to Hao Nam United on August 27, 2009.

On January 27, 2010, the team officially transfer their based from Ottawa, Canada to Hà Nội, Việt Nam. Since then the team has won V.211 season 23 and currently lead IV.32 of season 25.


Matches was update until Oct.8, 2009

Season Total League Cup Friendly Play-off
27 31 14 2 14 0
28 8 4 3 2 0
Total 39 18 5 16 0


   Find similar.png   Main article: Hao Nam United/Players

The teams consists of 28 players, but this number is changing at a fast pace as players are transfer in and out


Nationality Coach Name From To Status Note
Finland Pasi Borowska Jan. 28, 2009 Present Current Coach
Vietnam Unknown Jan. 27, 2010 Jan. 28, 2010 Retired
Brazil Salvador Garcia Jul. 26, 2009 Unknown Retired
Peru Kobe Higo May.20 , 2009 Jul. 26, 2009 Retired
Canada Unknown May. 18, 2009 May. 20, 2009 Retired


Oman National Stadium
  • Name: My DInh
  • Region: Hà Nội
  • Capacity: 32 678

  • Highest attendance: 30 968
  • Lowest attendance: 432

Flags Collection

This is the flags collections that Hao Nam United had collect during their friendly matches:

4 countries hosted

China Jamaica Moldova Thailand

10 countries visited

Belarus Chile Germany France Kazakhstan Luxembourg Lithuania Mexico Slovenia


Friendly Cups


Hao Nam United participated in the HTVN Cup and ranked 15th in the first edition. In the 2nd edition the team got eliminated after the first round.

Cup Tiềm Long

Hao Nam United participated in the 1st edition of Cup Tiềm Long.

Season Cup Record League Record
27 2nd Round Runner-up V.128
28 3rd Round TBD