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2004: Hattrick Clubhouse challenges (but is beaten) HT-Arena, at that time the best external application to publish a club home page

Hattrick Clubhouse (HC) was an easy-to-use product offered in the shop. The service was an add-on to Hattrick Supporter that allowed managers to build and maintain a homepage for their team.

Though it did not give any in-game advantages, Clubhouse was an optional extra that encourages the community aspect of Hattrick. At its peak, more than 7 000 supporter users subscribed a HC of their own.

Hattrick announces
Hattrick Clubhouse 29-06-2004
Do you want a home page for your team? You can now easily create one through our new service: Hattrick Clubhouse.

You don't need to know how to code HTML. And through its tight integration with Hattrick, Hattrick Clubhouse can automatically collect infomation about players, matches and your club. Clubhouse also has other fun features like a guest book and a series pool. And you get your own @club.hattrick.org e-mail forwarding address.

If you are interested, you can have a look at this example: http://club.hattrick.org/spiderweb/. Hattrick Clubhouse is only available to Hattrick Supporters. If you are a Supporter and want a Clubhouse of your own, you can buy one in the Shop.


The Clubhouse was tightly integrated with the Hattrick database, which means that a manager could update automatically many facts and enhanced statistics on players, matchs and league.

By using the guestbook feature, it was possible to interact with other HC owners, adding customized polls, operating a series pool, and building link collection.

Additionally for those users with some knowledge of HTML and/or CSS the clubhouse could be customized to individual preferences. The free page feature which allows users to include (almost) any type of content was one that many HC owners use to give their team pages a touch of character and individuality.

Community response


Clubhouse has its own dedicated conference, which can be reached by looking for thread 8416457.1. This is a good place to ask related questions, get tips and help with designing your HC and almost anything else concerning clubhouses.


In order to support HC owners and to enhance the community aspect a number of clubhouse-related federations have been established. The largest had 47 members (the language used is German).

Downtime compensation

Due to the Server move of 2006-11-13 clubhouse users experienced problems accessing their HCs. The Hattrick Team responded to this by announcing on the clubhouse conference that all clubhouse subscriptions would be extended by 10 days.

Keywords: (downtime compensation)
From: HT-Sarah (7388217.1) as reply to (0000000.0)
To: Everyone 21/11/2006 at 18.08
Downtime Compensation

We are very sorry for the problems you have experienced within the past week. Things are looking a lot better now and new clubhouses will be activated within the next 2 hours.

We have decided to compensate all Clubhouse owners with an additional 10 days to your subscription for your patience and to thank you for supporting the game. The extra 10 days will be added within 24 hours.


HC has been discontinued by Hattrick and is no longer available for purchase. The MyHT-message stating this sad fact read like this:

Hattrick announces
Clubhouse removed from the Shop 2008-06-24
We have stopped selling the Clubhouse product. We will put more effort into improving the Supporter package with new and improved features, instead of developing and supporting two different premier packages.

If you got a Clubhouse subscription nothing will happen with your Clubhouse now, it's just that you can't buy a new subscription.

HT's on the closing of Clubhouse in the Global conference :

Keywords: (clubhouse)
From: HT-Tjecken (11505121.5) as reply to (11505121.1)
To: sixtyniner 2008-06-24, at 10:59
1. How long will CH keep on working?

Until your subscription runs out.

2. What will happen to all the data saved there?

Don't know if there will be an option to keep it in some way, but I doubt it. So, if you want to keep the data you will have to save it yourself, or find any other service (CHPP?) which does it for you.

Keywords: (clubhouse)
From: HT-Johan (11505121.79) as reply to (11505121.77)
To: everyone 2008-06-24, at 23:58
The announcement is that we stop selling the subscription, because right now and for quite a long time we have not been able to provide the quality of service that we want to do for Clubhouse. So by not selling it anymore we create the option for the future to not offer Clubhouse anymore. It will probably happen that Clubhouse as it looks today will cease to exist, but we want to make that a smooth experience and hopefully we can then offer something better.

The problem with CH has been that it was developed by an external developer, and does not fit at all together with any other Hattrick code. There has been a lot of frustration among CH users that we don´tb fix bugs fast enough, and that is totally understandable. We could either put other things aside to fix this, which would have consequences for the 950.000+ users that don´t use Clubhouses, or we could do what we are doing now, which is basically to stop charging for something that is not good enough at the moment.

But I do understand that current users are now worried that we will pull the rug out from under their feet, so for this reason we extend existing CH subscriptions so that all users have at least one year from today.