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Hattrick Drankjes Café
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Hattrick Drankjes Café

Hattrick Drankjes Café is a federation from The Netherlands and Belgium with 111 members. Swiebie, also president of the Official Dutch Federation, opened the café on 7 February 2005. Digster and Pluck are at the moment the brother and sister of Swiebie, they help him manage the café until the end of the current season.

The Hattrick Drankjes Café is also famous because of the good relations with other federations. The HDC have many members who are also a member of Sealand, the Official Dutch Federation or the Christelijke Hattrick Federatie.

Also take a look at www.hattrickdrankjescafe.tk


President (also founder and owner)


  • Digster (Responsible for the weekly HDC stats)
  • Pluck (Responsible for the (rank) lists)

The lady of the house

  • hdc-prinses


  • willywv
  • GuliYen


Stars-professional (Responsible for the HDC star-lists)

  • HDC-Autobot

Other active and/or respected members


The Hattrick Drankjes Café is a very large café. We must require space for almost 100 members, who desire space and privacy. Once there were plans to draw a map of the café, but that is almost impossible for this huge café. First of all there is a large Bar, with some members behind the bar serving beer, cocktails and coke to our tipsy and poor students, pub-crawlers, anonymous alcoholists, boozers, darters, smokers, pacifists and last but not least all our nice visitors.

Also we have many many corners. There are level-corners, where members can talk with other members playing at the same level. There is a gamblecorner, a musiccorner, a moviecorner, a philosophy corner, a gamecorner, a dancecorner (floor),a spamcorner, a complaincorner and of course a gladnesscorner and at the end of every season the championcorner is open for new champions!

At these corners members can talk and discuss with a beer, cocktail, coke or something completely different. No beer for 15 year old or younger, and no strong alcoholic drinks for 17 year old or younger. And leave your car at home when you're going to our café to booze!

The Gamble Corner

Alcohol Bokaal

Alcohol Bokaal means Alcohol Cup in English. Bokaal also means goblet.


  • Mighty Gucks Of Zwolle
  • FC Bloodlust
  • Sassemse Strikers
  • Mannichester United

HDC-Cup (first Alcohol Cup)

The first edition of the Alcohol Cup, then been called the HDC-Cup, was won by Panzerfaust with his team the Mighty Gucks of Zwolle in the dutch season 14. Panzerfaust decided to take care of the next HDC-Cup and wrote a poll to rename the cup. The Alcohol Cup was born.


  • FC Bloodlust - Mighty Gucks Of Zwolle 1 - 3
  • de schoppende schurken - FC De Steeg Zuid 0 - 2


  • FC De Steeg Zuid - Mighty Gucks Of Zwolle 0 - 2

Second Edition Alcohol Bokaal

Panzerfaust wasn't able to defend the cup because he didn't make it to the final. FC Bloodlust, in the first edition eliminated by the Mighty Gucks of Zwolle in the semi's, took it's revanche to humiliate the Mighty Gucks in this edition semi-finals. In the final Bloodlust played against Sportclub Telstar, and won with 3-1.


  • Sportclub Telstar - de schoppende schurken 1 - 0
  • Mighty Gucks Of Zwolle - FC Bloodlust 1 - 4


  • Sportclub Telstar - FC Bloodlust 1 - 3

Third Edition Alcohol Bokaal

In this edition, still organized by Panzerfaust, 21 teams take part. Our president Swiebie also participated, but he lost in the quarter-finals. FC Bloodlust, the winner of the second edition, lost in the quarter-finals. In the semi's there were four new teams, teams who have never made it to the semi-finals in former editions of the Alcohol Cup. The Sassemse Strikers and FC Bruinsma made it towards the final. Sassemse Strikers won the final.


  • Schoppende Schurken - Sassemse Strikers 1 - 3
  • Groningen Thundersharks - Dragon Of The RedRoses 5 - 1
  • FC Bloodlust - VV Barbienoppen 2 - 3
  • FC De Steeg Zuid - FC Bruinsma 1 - 4


  • Sassemse Strikers - VV Barbienoppen 1 - 0
  • Groningen Thundersharks - FC Bruinsma 2 - 3


  • Sassemse Strikers - FC Bruinsma 3 - 0

Fourth Edition Alcohol Bokaal

In the last edition organized by Panzerfauzt 17 teams take part. Sassemse Strikers, defender of the cup, lost of Juliana '31 in a special intake round for teams who still played in the national cup at the begining of the poule rounds.


  • sugrucyl - Juliana '31 2 - 1
  • FC New York - De Coeners 3 - 2
  • de schoppende schurken - Mannichester United 1 - 5
  • Jannadona - El Duderino 1 - 2


  • sugrucyl - Mannichester United 0 - 3
  • FC New York - El Duderino 1 - 3


  • Mannichester United - El Duderino 4 - 0

Fifth Edition Alcohol Bokaal

HDC-Manhattan decided to take care of the next edition of the Alcohol Bokaal. The Cup is a steady part of the federation since the beginning of it and a reasonable succes. The task for the next edition is to make it a bigger success with around the 20/30 participants.