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Hattrick Wiki Cup
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First match: 24-AUG-15
Current champions:
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Hattrick Wiki Cup is a tournament which was organised by RUKENT for popularization Hattrick Wiki. During the tournament, each participant will receive his own club page.

Season 1

Tournament Bracket

  Round of 16 Quarter-Finals Semi-Finals Final
Sweden  Muskotvägen Red Wings 2 (4)  
Israel  Beitar Kiryat Yam United 2 (5) (pen)  
  Israel  Beitar Kiryat Yam United  
  France  barbieri en france  
France  barbieri en france 6
Spain  C. E. La Vall d'Alcalà 0  
Germany  TuS Prövi 0  
Germany  fussballclub 2011 3  
  Germany  fussballclub 2011
  Russia  Spartak SPb  
Russia  Spartak SPb 7
Jamaica  Caramel 0  
Belgium  Caramella F.C. 1  
Italy  A.C. Muja 5  
  Italy  A.C. Muja
  Armenia  Rebläuse Strümpfelbach  
England  Antàrtika 0
Armenia  Rebläuse Strümpfelbach 8  
Netherlands  A.C. Milan (1899) 1  
Spain  prikito 3  
  Spain  prikito
  Russia  FC Polymer Desnogorsk  
Russia  FC Polymer Desnogorsk 4
Italy  new barbieri team 3