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Welcome to Hattrick Wiki!

Latest news:

For creating a new HT-Wiki account: Please sent a HT-mail to user Nightwish on Hattrick after requesting your Wiki-account.
Users are welcome to join any of the federations related to the HT Wiki to share tips & tricks. Current wiki federations: Hattrick Wiki Federation, New wave Wiki fanatics and Wiki Monsters, Inc.!.


Welcome to Hattrick Wiki, the encyclopedia about all things concerning Here we give the users the opportunity to create the equivalent of Wikipedia for the Hattrick world.

Feel free to add lexicon articles about your favourite subject in Hattrick. Currently it is only available in English, but in time, we expect to add more languages.

Hattrick Wiki is unmoderated. This places a great responsibility on you as a contributor. Please don't misuse Hattrick Wiki. Try to be as objective as possible when you write an article. Please don't sabotage or vandalise. Do not publish information on cheating or GameMaster investigations. This is a test and if it doesn't work out well, we will take the wiki down again.

Please contribute all you can to make this a useful addition to the services we offer. We want this to take the dissection of the game to the next level, a place for your ideas to evolve together, a center for collecting and analysing data.

For more information on how to use the Hattrick Wiki, check out the Getting started page.

Note: It is required to register (preferably under your Hattrick username) before editing pages.

/The Hattrick Team