Hugo Orlando Herrera

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Hugo Orlando Herrera (7738355)
Player7738355 new.png
Personal Information
Full name Hugo Orlando Herrera
Nickname HOH
Age82 years and 95 days
Country  España
Current team Spain Sant Feliuenc
Youth Career
Youth teamSpain Scola Roolz
Senior Career
Seasons (Global)TeamAppearances(Goals)
6 (18)Spain Scola Roolz0(0)
18 (18) - 21 (21)Sweden Yggdrasil43(30)
21 (21) - 25 (25)Sweden Frostavallen Foreigners43(38)
13 (25) - 15 (27)Spain Ahora bruulin65(55)
27 (27) - 34 (34)USA Colorado Crush125(150)
22 (34) - 28 (40)Spain Err F.C. of Furtvoll110(126)
28 (40) -Spain Santfeliuenc5(0)

Appearances and goals counted for competitive matches only.

Hugo Orlando Herrera is a Spanish forward in Hattrick.


Herrera is a real high-scoring player. He was promoted from Scola Roolz and he was inmediately sold to a Swedish team. That Swedish experience was very profitable for Herrera, winning three series and becoming two times top scorer.

Then HOH came back to Spain to play in Ahora bruulin. In two seasons, he player more than 60 matches because the team were passing rounds in the cup, so he got a lot experience. Before the team were abandoned permanently, he decided to move to the United States and he got his best statistics, scoring more than a goal for each match.

Even he remained as the player with more competitive matches played until global season 37, Colorado Crush thought he was old and sold it to Err F.C. of Furtvoll but, on the contrary, he continued scoring again, and he has become the top scorer of his division last two times, at the age of 36 and 37.


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  • 1  Sweden V.817 : Season 20 (20)
  • 1  Sweden VI.272: Season 18 (18)

Frostavallen Foreigners

  • 1  Sweden V.764: Season 23 (23)

Ahora bruulin

  • 1  Spain IV.25: Season 13 (25)

Colorado Crush

  • 2  USA IV.6: Seasons 31 (31), 33 (33)
  • 1  USA V.9: Season 27 (27)

Err F.C. of Furtvoll


  • 1  Spain V.7: Season 29 (41)


  • 3  USA IV.6 Top scorer: Seasons 28 (28), 31 (31), 33 (33)
  • 1  Sweden V.817 Top scorer: Season 20 (20)
  • 1  Sweden V.764 Top scorer: Season 23 (23)
  • 2  Spain VI.886 Top scorer: Seasons 24 (36), 25 (37)