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Inter Beirut (986771)
HT-User: Ksalloum
Country: Lubnan
Region: Beyrouth
Prize shelf: Division II.PNG Cupseason56.png Cupseason56.png Cupseason56.png Cupseason56.png Cupseason56.png Division I.PNG Division I.PNG Division I.PNG Division I.PNG Division I.PNG
Arena: Beirut Skydome (70.000)
Fan club: high on life (3000+ members)
Founded: September 8th, 2005
Closed: July 1st, 2007

Inter Beirut (formely Ice Dragons CF; team_psp; Sallouz United) was a team in the Lubnan Hattrick league system. It was founded by Karim Atef Salloum on September 8, 2005, becoming the very first Lebanese team to join Hattrick. During his stint at Hattrick, Karim Salloum established himself as a top manager, winning the first division title and national cup five times each. The team's success is surrounded by controversy as manager Karim invested in the Youth System heavily to create young starlets that could be sold at a very high price due to the then-rare Lebanese nationality.

On July 1st, 2007, the manager left Hattrick.

Inter Beirut was very successful in Lebanon, being undefeated for the national title in his entire stint on Hattrick.

Important dates in Hattrick:

  • 2005-10-26 Cup Winner Season 27
  • 2005-12-18 Series Champions II.1 Season 27
  • 2006-02-15 Cup Winner Season 28
  • 2006-04-09 Inter Beirut became League Champions Season 28
  • 2006-06-07 Cup Winner Season 29
  • 2006-07-30 Inter Beirut became League Champions Season 29
  • 2006-09-20 Inter Beirut was defeated for the first time in the National Cup (round 6) by FPM in a 5-4 loss
  • 2006-11-19 Inter Beirut became League Champions Season 30
  • 2007-01-17 Cup Winner Season 31
  • 2007-03-11 Inter Beirut became League Champions Season 31
  • 2007-05-09 Cup Winner Season 32
  • 2007-07-13 Inter Beirut became League Champions Season 32

Club History

Global Season Lubnan Season League Cup
32 6 First Division Champion Champion
31 5 First Division Champion Champion
30 4 First Division Champion Semi-finals
29 3 First Division Champion Champion
28 2 First Division Champion Champion
27 1 1st in II.1 (Second division) Champion


... was the coach of the Lubnan national team as well. He uses various tactics including Attack on wings, Attack in the middle, and rarely Counter attack. He is an avid Hattrick promoter; he also appeared in an interview in "Les Cahiers du Football" in France. In March 2010, he has returned to Hattrick with a brand new team and has said, "I will truly know if I was any good at this game if I can bring this 3rd division team to the top again."