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Counter attack tactic[edit]



  • Counter attack (CA) ability is modified by the players form and experience and the result is a CA skill which appears to be completely linear.
  • Requires good defence and attack ratings to work successfully.
  • Passing on defenders may cost a lot of extra money, and is only used in connection with CA, AIM and AOW skills.

Counter attack opportunities[edit]

There are 2 kinds of counter attacks (CA): normal and random CAs. The random CA is a rare event.

Random CA[edit]

Unlike the normal CA, you do not need to play the CA tactic to get a random CA, and you can also get it when you win midfield. They are much less frequent than normal CAs, but if you have a relatively strong defense they do appear from time to time. They can of course also appear even if you play CA tactic, but there is no way yet of telling which kind you get.

How many random CAs can you get in a match? The highest known number so far is 4, which has occurred in 1 known match.

See also these quotes from HT-Jonas on Global.


The following contents are based on the opinion of Hattrick users — which means that their veracity and accuracy have not been confirmed by any official statement, and consequently they do not necessarily reflect the game reality. Please take this into consideration!

Which midfield rating?[edit]

Which midfield rating counts? Before calculating midfield penalties from CA and PIC or after? Nobody knows for sure, but statistical data indicate that the midfield needs to be weaker before calculating the penalties in order for normal CA to work.

What about MOTS and CA? Can you have a weaker midfield without MOTS and win midfield with MOTS and still have a working CA? The statistical data is very limited in this area as very few MOTS and CA at the same time. Until otherwise proved, it would be prudent to expect it not to work and that CA requires a team to lose midfield both before and after penalties and bonuses.

Number of CAs in a match[edit]

How many CA's can you get in a single match? Zero to 5 Counterattacks

CA Federations[edit]

There is also a Counter-Attackers Federation. This federation contains over 200 members and was founded by Turbopippip in 2004. This is the federation to go to if you have any questions about CA.

Rules of Thumb[edit]

4 General rules of thumb for minimum requirements of a CA

1) Defence at least 20% higher than opponents attack in all sectors.

2) Attack equal to their defence, at least in 2 sectors, one of which is central

3) Possession as high as possible, while still losing. 40%-ish is good. Also, dont forget you need to lose MF before any penalties!

4) A CA tactic skill rating of the same level as the average primary skill within both your and their teams players

A 5th rule could be added - Dont neglect SP's and SE's! They have been the downfall of many a CA.

Thses rules should be seen as the minimum levels. Should you miss any one of these, then you could get beated by a large amount.

However, not making one of these, can be counteracted by improving in others. So for example, if your attack isnt so good, you could have a higher tactic rating and/or more defence as a substitute.

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