Inter Zidane

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Inter Zidane (146751)
managed by -
Full Name Internazionale Zidane FC
Nickname Nerazzurri
Founded Season 7 - 11
Location Noord-Holland, Nederland
Arena Stadio Zinédine Zidane
Coach defunct
League -
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Inter Zidane was a Dutch football club which was founded on January 18, 2003. Inter, who play in black and blue striped shirts with white shorts (but in the past, often in black shorts), have 1 title (season 8) to their name. Inter play their home games at the Stadio Zinédine Zidane, also known as San Zizou. The club surprised in the Netherlands when they came in the 6th round of the national cup, by beating teams like the Knights of the Hokey Pokey (was playing in III.12) from the famous manager Mazaxus. Inter had also beaten the mighty Stiphout Vooruit (4-1) in a friendly match.

When the infamous manager Mavuba was suspended by Hattrick, the team was token over on December 27, 2005 by Kanisman who changed the teamname into F.C. Kanis.


Famous (past) players

  • Aaron van der Kaay
  • Kenneth Lannderdahl

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