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Inter ta' Malta is a Maltese team and was formed in early September 2004, with manager Matthew Borg realising that an opportunity to come to Malta finally arose; as the league was created by the HT's. In fact, ITM were the 3rd team to be accepted into the Malta League, behind Mellieha FC (709335) and Selmun Hornets (709336).

With the manager having a rocky past experience in the English League, although the team won the VI.527 title in Season 23, pastures new were saught after in order for the manager not to repeat any previously made mistakes. Besides, the opportunity to turn down the Maltese League was too great.

ITM's greatest moment to date came in Season 3, when the team finally lifted the II.1 title. It was, however, Season 2 that turned out to be the hardest battle between all the teams. Mellieha Knights (709338), champions that year, finished top of the league by a mile - but only a handful of points separated positions 4 to 7 in the league. This, in turn - led to Melita Eagles (709826) being relegated with a decent tally of 16 points overall. ITM finished 3rd, 4 points behind 2nd-placed Crazy Docs, in that season.

The team is currently a mid-table side that is building for the future and an eventual assault on the II.1 title yet again, as well as a potential chance to jump to the Kampjonat Premier.

Matt's Inter-15 FC

This was manager Matthew Borg's first team. It was based in Manchester, England, and was situated in VI.527 before shutting its doors down totally and hence becoming inactive. In their first season, Matt's Inter finished in 6th place but often found themselves close to bankruptcy. With the manager not knowing about the different training schemes available as well as how to apply, apart from the fact that the youth squad seemed to be inexistent, Matt's Inter obviously struggled badly.

This happened throughout the course of the 3 seasons at the club. In their second season, Matt's Inter finished 3rd in the league, and this happened without any significant improvements to the squad!!

And finally, in their 3rd and final season in the English Leagues, Matt's Inter won the VI.527 title to the loss of just 2 games in the season. However, this came at a price as the team MOTSed all of their first round matches and then lost two on the bounce in the 2nd round, before PICing the last 4 matches - winning them all - and hence finishing top of the league.

However, the team then closed its doors down at the end of the season to head for Malta. The financial problems that it constantly faced were also quite a factor in this happening.

Move to Malta


Team History (Statistics)

Season 1

  • Rebranded "Inter ta' Malta Arena" "Stadju Intercontinental"
  • Finished 6th in II.1 on 13 points
  • Reached Malta Cup Round 5 (losing 6-1 away to Crazy Docs FC)
  • Changed region from Mellieha to Birkirkara

Season 2

  • Finished 3rd in II.1 on 24 points
  • Reached Malta Cup Round 4 (losing 3-2 away to Hadjuks)

Season 3

  • Finished 1st in II.1 on 28 points
  • Reached Malta Cup Round 5 (losing 2-1 away to Keano)
  • Lost Promotion Playoff 4-0 vs Monty's Gang

Season 4

  • Finished 3rd in II.1 on 22 points
  • Reached Malta Cup Round 6 (losing 3-1 away to Crazy Docs FC)

Season 5

  • Season in progress
  • Reached Malta Cup Round 4 (losing 3-0 away to The Ospreys)

Transfer and Player History

Highest Paid Transfers

  • Claude-Francois Letourneau (15712935) - SUPER PELICANS - Lm 2,000,000
  • Julián Duarte (56542039) - AMAZONLAR - Lm 1,275,000
  • Ted Skinner (35855974) - Kremstal Junior - Lm 1,245,000

Highest Received Transfers

  • Ferdinand Mattes (26956956) - Brewers - Lm 1,431,000
  • Francisco Barea (4701646) - Słoneczko Zielon - Lm 1,275,000
  • Scott Cassano (65609055) - Gratis FF - Lm 1,050,000

Ex- and Current National Team Players

  • Scott Cassano (65609055) - Defender for Malta NT
  • Stephen Portelli (52661055) - Defender for Malta NT
  • Serafino Manenti (44564145) - ex-Malta NT Defender
  • Jeremy Falzon (44564138) - ex-Malta NT Midfielder