István Molnár

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István Molnár
Personal Information
Full Name István Molnár
Nick Name The Hungarian WedgeTail
Country Hungary Hungary
Player ID (284634211)
Position Wingback
Number 3
Actual Club Oceania VS Vlissingen
Youth Club
Sénior Club
Date Unknown -JUNE 2010 Hungary Resurrection Fc
Date JUNE -Current Oceania VS Vlissingen

István Molnár is a Hungarian professional footballer. He was the first scouted by Ressurection Fc and sold to VSV for 190k.


István Molnár first strated out his career as a striker he wanted to be like Puskas but alas than never happened after missing goal after goal his junior coach moved him into the right back position and that's where he ended up staying. Not long after his dazzling performances drew attention from Youth Academy Clubs in Hungary after recieving multiple offers István decided to sign with local powerhouse Resurrection Fc. Not long after breaking through the first youth team István was immediatly promoted to the senior team, but for the first time in his career he couldnt cement a starting berth in the first. The resurrection Fc manager decided to cash in. He sold Mr.István Molnár for 190k to VSV and thats were he stayed, so far he has played all of his matches which amased to a grand total of 8!