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VS Vlissingen
VS Vlissingen
Full name: Voetbal Samenwerken Vlissingen
Nicknames: Lions, Het Admirals, The Southerners
Country: Oceania Oceania
Founded: 2009
League: IV.5 41-
Location: Melbourne, Victoria
Fan Club: The Blozens (2695 Members)
Revenue: AU$9,340,231
Chairman: Russia Arshavin71
Coach: Colombia Juan Pablo Calero
Youth Team
Youth Team: Cencare JS
Youth Academy: Vlissingen Academie
Youth ID: (1649157)
The Frydjkaer
(59,650 seats)
The Elan
(300 seats)
Primary: Green & Red
Secondary: Black
VI.649 Season 30 V.162 Season 39V.162 Season 40 V.66 Season 44 Kew High Tri-Club Series1 Kew High Tri-Club Series2 Kew High Tri-Club Series3 Kew High Tri-Club Series4 Kew High Tri-Club Series5
League: 4
Oceania Cup: 0
Hattrick Masters: 0
Golden Ball: 1
Golden Boots: 1

Voetbal Samenwerken Vlissingen (often simply known as VSV or Vlissingen, or by their nickname The Lions,Het Admirals) translated Football Collaboration Vlissingen are an Oceanic professional Hattrick football club based in the Central Sports Club Vlissingen Complex in Melbourne, Victoria. They play in the IV.5 League and have won three title championships, one coming in their inaugural season.They have a fairly small squad of twenty-one players as well as a coach. VS Vlissingen is part of a major professional sports club complex in Melbourne, known as CSC Vlissingen, which stands for "Central Sport Club Vlissingen". The sports complex is owned by Emmertsen Motors Group. The club has three other sports teams competing in Ice Hockey,Rugby and Basketball.

VS Vlissingen a professional football club which plays at The Frydjkaer (59,650 people capacity)

The Cencare JS Vlissingen Academie Youth Squad and Academy competes in the AFFF Youth League Division I which plays it's home matches at The Elan (300 people capacity)

PBC Vlissingen a professional basketball club which plays at the OrlukOil Sporting Complex (5,000 people capacity)

Flames of Vlissingen a professional rugby team which plays at Mansion Road (21,000 people capacity)

HC Vlissingen a professional Ice Hockey club which plays it's matches at the Vlissingen ICE PALACE (9,500 people capacity)

The team was botified in 13-10-2015.

VS Vlissingen

VS Vlissingen were founded back in 2009.They are regular participants in the Melbourne based Kew High Cup Tri-Club Series and have won the previous 3 finals against Dynamo Sparta and Melbourne Hurricanes which are now known as Real Troodos FC. They have only ever made it 5 rounds into the Oceanian Cup, and have never reached a Hattrick Masters Cup. However a couple of their former players have represented their country at national level.

The club's colours are green and red with a black trim. The home strip is mainly green with red shorts. The away strip is white with green stripes going down the shirt vertically. On the back are red stripes going down vertically as well. The Frydjkaer is VSV's home stadium and it holds a maximum capacity of 59,650 people. The clubs hometown has only ever been in the Victoria region of Oceania.

VS Vlissingen have a growing fan club, holding over 2712 members. They have a growing revenue, valued at over $AUD 6,000,000 thanks to their major sponsors, Emmertsen Motors and OrlukOil. Their youth squad and youth academy - The Cencare JS Vlissingen Academie - produce some great young players. The youth's teams stadium, The Elan, holds 300 people.

Club Motto

Rectus utrum in prosper vel in velico res

Upright whether in prosperous or in critical circumstances

Club Mascot

Michiel De Ruyter is the clubs iconic mascot, he is a national hero in Netherlands. He is one of the most skilled Admirals in Dutch History. His legacy hopes to inspire the playing squad of VSV.



Old VSV logo

VS Vlissigen was founded on the 21st of April, 2010. The Emmertsen Autos Group which was based in Dubai and were looking to expand their horizons, CEO Arshavin71 found his perspective market in the relativly unknown team East Coast Breakers. The Emmertsen Autos Group acquired the club for a relatively low cost of 500K and thus set about expanding their international identity. CEO Arshavin71 was named Chairman and Jordan Kounelis was named assistant Chairman and Director. The team currently plays in division V.156 The team has many internationals players from all over the world such as Italy,Sweden,Poland,France,Oceania,Netherlands,Spaun and many others.

The old VSV logo features the coat of arms from the town of Vlissingen, The Flushing symbol is also present

Season 30

Season 30 was the inaugural season for VSV. The new manager (arshavin71) came in with only one cup match played which was luckily won by the previous team. The Clubs first ever captain was an Icelandic player called Saebor Vilfilsson. Under his captaincy this was the first era of the club. Hours after getting his new team, the manager almost automatically put all of the default players up for sale. Only a 22 year old striker by the name of Charles Johnson and substitute keeper Kenton Prior remained. On the 25 of April VSV played the favourites to win the division, ssps. Surprisingly VSV took control of the match early on, with two quick fire goals from Constantin Manafu and the captain Saebor Vilfilsson. ssps replied with a goal from their clinical striker Makis Mitilineos. This was going to be the only highlight of ssps's day. In the second half VSV piled on more goals courtesy of a double from Ramon Pinero and Charles Johnson. Young prodigy Ladislav Lodr was named man of the match. Vlissingen won three more straight matches including an amazing win in round three of the cup against Forest Hill Rhinos, considering that Forest Hill had a total of 11 players over 2000 TSI it was a truly remarkable achievement. Once again Ladislav Lodr was named man of the match. Excluding friendlies VSV went on to win an amazing 12 matches in a row, Including beating three sides 8-0 (Queensland Kings,Fiji Rovers and ssps). Vlissingen made a huge number of transfers in one season 109 to be exact.It bought almost $2,700,000 worth of players and sold about $1,650,000 of players. It has gone on to record 13 players of 1000 TSI including 5 over 2000 TSI and 2 over 3000. New recruit Jasper Vandereycken had an outstanding season with 4 goals and winning the highly prestigious Geraci Medal which goes to the player who has amassed the largest number of stars in a season. Nunzio Weingarten and Gerson Camargo JNR. came second and third respectively. Nunzio Weingarten won the coveted Schiavo Boot with a total of 15 goals in 14 appearances for the side. Angel Maza came second with a total of 7 goals in 11 matches. Osman Alev won the Dello Trophy which goes to the player to be judged the best by his colleagues due to beating intense goalkeeping competition from the likes of Kenton Prior,Socrates Abalos and Pedro Bustamante. Lastly the De Capitani Award goes to the best first year player and/or the best U/21 player in team, as judged by the manager, which was given to Osman Alev. Huge credit must be given to the coach Paul Uta for his successful reign as coach. He will continue coaching next season when VSV is in division V.162

  • Geraci Medal- Belgium Jasper Vandereycken (53 Stars)
  • Schiavo Boot- Switzerland Nunzio Weingarten (15 Goals)
  • Dello Trophy- Turkey Osman Alev (8 Votes)
  • De Capitani Award- Turkey Osman Alev

Kits From Season 30
Home Away

Season 31

VSV hit the ground running in season 31,in division V. Winning their first 3 matches before a disappointing cup exit to Hutt United in Round 2. From then on VSV hit a downward spiral losing their next 6 league matches to sit in an unimpressive 7th. The Board of Directors decided it was time for a change. Romanian coach Paul Uta was given the sack, and hours later VSV announced that highly successful English league coach Stuart Jagpal as his successor. From then on VSV started climbing their way up, without losing a friendly for 8 matches and winning two league matches in the space of a couple of weeks,elevated VSV into the qualification round in sixth place. Thats where VSV stayed for the rest of the season. There was a little change of faces at the VSV club,Jagpal selling controversial captain Viktor Zhillinskiy in favour of new boy Anthony Jacxsens. Nunzio Weingarten couldn't string two successful back to back seasons,he didn't score a single goal in VSV's season 31 campaign, spending most of his time on the sidelines in wretched form. Jagpal also managed to bring in an experience 27 year old striker Lau Hamburger to help fill the void left the void by Weingarten to partner the (then) new boy Jozsef Fazekas. The pair managed to score 22 goals between them. Season 31 also saw the first Cencare JS Academie youth players elevated,notably young prodigy Fidel Cockman. Cockman had an astounding season, scoring 6 goals and picking up an astonishing 8 votes in the Geraci Medal. Everyone at VSV hopes Cockman's fine form will continue in season 32. VS Vlissingen also undertook a major 4400 seat addition to the Frydjkaer,it current capacity stands at 20,400. VSV's chairman is already in talks with the contractor to expand the Frydjkaer next season. The clubs main objectives for next season is to finish either fifth or sixth,the transfer spending will be tight to allow VSV to continue to expand the Frydjkaer stadium.

  • Geraci Medal- Belgium Jasper Vandereycken (46.5 Stars)
  • Schiavo Boot- Romania Jozsef Fazekas (12 Goals)
  • Dello Trophy- Denmark Lau Hamburger (9 Votes)
  • De Capitani Award- Oceania Fidel Cockman

Kits From Season 31
Home Away

Season 32

The admirals looked to consolidate their position in division V. That is exactly what they did. VSV played a high quality attacking brand of football with lots of goals scored(notably Jasper Vandereycken with 15 and Jan Pelka with 14, and cameos from Fernado Hector Klitzch,Henrik Vantanen and Jesper Frank Jensen,all with 10 goals. The pedigree of Fidel Cockman soared scoring 3 goals and providing numerous assists as well as his TSI sharply rising to 6430. VSV focusing this year on gelling it teams it rather than buying/selling players, although notably Lau Hamburger was sold due to his old age. VSV expanded it's stadium to 27,210 and its finances rose on the back of Emmertsen Autos booming year to $3,284,338.All in all this was a successful year for VSV. Stuart Jagpal insists the best for Vlissingen is yet to come.We certainly hope so.

  • Geraci Medal- Belgium Jasper Vandereycken (45 Stars)
  • Schiavo Boot- Belgium Jasper Vandereycken (15 Goals)
  • Dello Trophy- Poland Jan Pelka (11 Votes)
  • De Capitani Award- Oceania Fidel Cockman

Kits From Season 32
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Season 33

Season 33 cemented VSV' position in division 5 and as a serious title contender, for the first time ever it had managed to scrape some points from the big 5 team earning two draws against Compy Allstars and F.C PJM. Riku Furuya had a solid second series expanding his TSI to 11 640 and so did Fidel Cockman already a mainstay in the teams midfield with 7 230 TSI. Villa-Nova has finally managed to justify his ridiculous transfer price by combining well with Joszef Fazekas to form a formidable striking partnership which blossomed many goals. VSV were quite busy in the transfer market by signing the likes of Vicent Maurici($3,218,000) , Yves Monet (1,488,000) and Hendrik Antonen (594,000). Cencare had another fine season by winning the AVR cup, and promoting players and consequently selling players such as Tim Shorrock ($18,000),Damian Plaza ($150,000),Scottie Meyers ($2,000), Pero Osmond ($654,000) and Mike MacGillavray ($160,000). Financially and Competitively this was an extremely successful season for VSV, next season they hope to reach round 4 of the Oceania Cup and be in the running for a top 4 position.

  • Geraci Medal- Poland Jan Pelka (45 Stars)
  • Schiavo Boot- Romania/Poland Joszef Fazekas & Jan Pelka (15 Goals)
  • Dello Trophy- Portugal Paulo Fernando Villa-Nova (8 Votes)
  • De Capitani Award- Oceania Riku Furuya

Season 34

Season 34 justified Vicentes' Maurici 3.5 million dollar price tag, every game he played he was named man of the match, thus polling over 60 stars almost 20 more than Pelka. Furuya had another superb year season as he came second in the clubs leading goals scores, shooting 12 alongside Jan Pelka. The teams average TSI has grown from under 6000 to over 11,000 with Maurici and Vandereycken being the highest with 55,840 and 34,890 respectively. This was due to their playmaking ability rising sharply to world class.League wise nothing has changed with VSV recording the same amount of points (14) as the previous season although their goals difference was a little bit worse. Unsurprisingly VSV has had their best cup run ever as they managed to make it up to the 4th round. Next year they will be hoping to eclipse that achievement. Halfway through the season no friendlies were scheduled to the the manager letting his players go and watch the IRB World Cup next door in New Zealand. Next year VSV again will be looking to expand their stadium and hopefully for the first time make it into a top four position, as long as they players will keep on improving this can be a likely possibility.

  • Geraci Medal- Spain Vicente Maurici (61 Stars)
  • Schiavo Boot- Portugal Paulo Fernando Villa-Nova (15 Goals)
  • Dello Trophy- Spain Vicente Maurici (15 Votes)
  • De Capitani Award- Oceania Riku Furuya
Kits From Season 34
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Season 35

Season 35 for VSV came in leaps and bounds for the club. The club had its most succesful season to date finishing an impressive 3rd in Division 5 including wins against top placed teams KBK FC,Malakoues and Compy Allstars, in what prove to be ultimately a hugely successful season. Riku Furuya came into his own bagging the Schiavo Boot finishing one higher than his predecessor Fernando Villa-Nova.Vicente Maurici,Jasper Vandereycken and Jan Pelka were the powerhouse midfield which pushed VSV for the whole season, by consistently rating more than seven and a half stars per match. Fidel Cockman also proved to be a useful backup playing in six stars a game to give a huge boost to the team. Financially VSV spent to the future by selling Pedro Bustamante and bringing in youthful talent such as Tamas Simon and Le Duy Phu.

  • Geraci Medal- Spain Vicente Maurici (68 Stars)
  • Schiavo Boot- Oceania Riku Furuya (15 Goals)
  • Dello Trophy- Belgium Jasper Vandereycken (15 Votes)
  • De Capitani Award- VietnamLê Duy Phú
Kits From Season 35
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Season 36

Season 36 was the first serious season VSV spent vying for a spot for promotion into Div IV. It was a remarkably solid campaign with VSV enjoyed an 9 match unbeaten run which saw them defeat the likes of FC Malakoues(who went onto to clinch first spot) and draw with previous high-flyers FC PJM and Compy Allstars. Both Furuya and Pelka both had fruitful seasons coming both 1st and 2nd respectively in the Schiavo Boot, and Vicente Maurici enjoyed an amazing season with his TSI peaking at over TSI 120,000 including a match where he managed to claim ten stars. Vandereycken on the other hand had a rather ordinary season often being injured and not being able to get a full season of playing time under his belt. Looking onwards VSV will be hoping to make serious title challenge next season and aim to get promotion into Division IV

  • Geraci Medal- Spain Vicente Maurici (69 Stars)
  • Schiavo Boot- Oceania Riku Furuya (17 Goals)
  • Dello Trophy- Poland Jan Pelka (10 Votes)
  • De Capitani Award- Japan Yusuke Ikeda

Kits From Season 36
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Season 37

Season 37 was largely a season of"what could have been" as VSV struggled to gain crucial points against eventual series winner Leonce and only managing to pick up 3 points in two fixtures against Malakoues FC who ultimately came secondly due to superior goal difference. Vlissingen also had a disappointing cup run being bundled out of the Ocean Cup in Round 3 by a relatively weak team. VSV had a strong start to the season being undefeated until the turn around of the fixtures where it lost 3 crucial matches out of the last 8. VSV yet again dipped into the transfers securing the services of Polish youngster Bartosz Bedyk for AUD$ 5.5 million who claimed 8 best on ground in his half the season at the club scoring 8 goals in the process. Damien Chiron witnessed a breakthrough season after managing to dislodge Paulo Fernado Villa-Nova from the left striker position and notched up a career high 17 goals. As Chiron is only 23 he has many years ahead of him playing in the VSV colours. The old guard of VSV consisting of Jasper Vandereycken,Jan Pelka and Henrik Vantanen had consistent seasons if not largely unremarkable. The fans hope for VSV next season is that the Admirals will finally break their 7 season drought in Division 5 and earn a place hopefully in Division IV the following season.

  • Geraci Medal- Spain Vicente Maurici (81 Stars)
  • Schiavo Boot- France Damien Chiron (17 Goals)
  • Dello Trophy- Spain Vicente Maurici (13 Votes)
  • De Capitani Award- Italy Bernardo Siddi

Kits From Season 37
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Season 38

Season 38 was a season of close calls for the club as VSV stumbled on the final match-day losing its promotion bid to Compy All Stars by drawing with them 3-3 and coming third in the standings, a solitary point behind the winners. Financially the club had an unremarkable season managing to make a small profit, confined on due to the rising wages of Bartosz Bedyk and Vicente Maurici. Bedyk also had a career and a season high 24 goals 6 more than Paulo Fernando Villa-Nova who managed to reclaim his starting spot from Damien Chiron who only managed to snare 7 goals for the campaign. New young recruit Kuncho Yotzev,brought in to replace the outgoing Joseph Fazekas had a solid season bagging 15 goals and fourth highest in the club. Jan Pelka won the acclaimed Dello Trophy after scoring 16 goals and laying off countless assists ahead the more fancy Vicente Maurici. The Admirals had an impressive cup run reaching an all time high of Round 5 and narrowly losing to cardiff tigers, a team based in division II. The fans of the club surely hope that season 39 will be their season and that VSV can finally break that shackles of such a highly competitive division and gain at least a promotion play off spot into division IV.

  • Geraci Medal- Poland Bartosz Bedyk (87 Stars)
  • Schiavo Boot- Poland Bartosz Bedyk (24 Goals)
  • Dello Trophy- Poland Jan Pelka (11 Votes)
  • De Capitani Award- Bulgaria Kunzho Yotzev

Kits From Season 38
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Season 39

Ultimately season 39 proved to be the unluckiest season to date for VSV. Leading the division half way through the championship VSV lost two key matches against Jay Soft specials, to seem them place fourth at the turn of the fixtures.However winning the rest of their matches and some other key results going their way Vlissingen finally managed to top the division,where they vied for a playoff spot against AllStar Bombers.A much more stronger and experienced team. However VSV dominated the match making more clear cut chances, before unluckily falling to the Bombers due to a controversial penalty which say The Lions lose 2-1 which meant that yet again season 40 will be spent in division V. Key players were bought during the campaign with the likes of Alex Fultz and Teun Konning. Vantanen the journeyman was sold in order to make way for more younger players. Bedyk had an astounding season compiling 26 goals with the next best being Damien Chiron with 20. Maurici had a solid season,wining the Dello trophy.Next year looks to be a development season as younger players shall be bought in,to make way for the older generation of VSV players.Nothing remarkable is expected next season but the ultimate aim once again will be to achieve promotion.

  • Geraci Medal- Poland Bartosz Bedyk (91 Stars)
  • Schiavo Boot- Poland Bartosz Bedyk (26 Goals)
  • Dello Trophy- Spain Vicente Maurici (8 Votes)
  • De Capitani Award- Philippines John Ray Wei

Kits From Season 39
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Season 40

Season 40 finally marked the end of VSV's prolonged stay in division 5. After being bundled out early in the Oceania cup, VSV won all fourteen cup games, scoring an unprecedented 95 goals and only conceding 7. Although some injuries did hit hard on the team, the squad was able to rebound and players such as Bernado Siddi were able to finally solidify their place in the starting lineup. More new young players were brought into the club such as Juliusz Kogut and Giancarlo Giammari, but most notably has been the presence of Bardia Razzazi who has gone on to score 21 goals in 23 appearances.Next Season VSV will be looking to ensure that it is competitive in division 4.

  • Geraci Medal- Spain Vicente Maurici (87 Stars)
  • Schiavo Boot- France Damien Chiron (23 Goals)
  • Dello Trophy- France Damien Chiron (11 Votes)
  • De Capitani Award- Sweden Bardia Razzazi

Kits From Season 40
Home Away

Season 41

Jumping into a highly competitive division 4, VSV entered not holding high expectations for the season. However VSV outperformed and ended up finishing in a highly commendable 2nd spot in its inaugural season in the division. On the back of a consistent squad Vlissingen ensured that it will be a mainstay in division 4 for seasons to come. Next season VSV will be hoping that they are not a one season wonder and will be looking to consolidate their stay in the division and even more optimistically go one better and take the top spot.

  • Geraci Medal- Spain Vicente Maurici (87 Stars)
  • Schiavo Boot- Sweden Bardia Razzazi (15 Goals)
  • Dello Trophy- Oceania Riku Furuya (8 Votes)
  • De Capitani Award- Oceania Larry Deacon
Kits From Season 41
Home Away

Season 42

On the back of an overachieving performance in season 41, the Lions set about aiming for top spot. However the transfers of key personal such Vicente Maurici and other established members paved the way for a downturn in performance with VSV failing to pick up a point in the opening 6 rounds of competition and sitting dead last at the foot of the top. Form, however picked up and at the half way stage of the competition VSV went on to win to go on a 4 match unbeaten streak eventually falling on the last match day 2 points from an assured fourth position.VSV went onto win their play off match with the score 3-0 to maintain their stay in division 4. Off the field, the club saw a major restructuring for finances leading to greater economic stability for the club.Next season Vlissingen will aim to emulate their season 41 heroics while at the same time maintaining a youthful, but experienced lineup and establish itself as genuine division 4 team.

  • Geraci Medal- Poland Bartosz Bedyk (80 Stars)
  • Schiavo Boot- Sweden Bardia Razzazi (12 Goals)
  • Dello Trophy- Oceania Fidel Cockman (11 Votes)
  • De Capitani Award- Poland Juliusz Kogut
Kits From Season 42
Home Away

Season 43

Seeking to establish in division 4 as a mainstay team, VSV unfortunately combined with a tough division under performed drastically, culminating in a must win last match of the season where unfortunately the team lost 3-2 relegating the Lions into division 5 even though having a better goal difference than the majority of the other teams in the division. New Signing Toshikazu was a revelation in his debut season earning the leading marksmen award with 12 goals. He will be looking to emulate the same form in the forthcoming 5th division season. Mainstay midfielder Fidel Cockman was sold after spending 15 years with the club playing over 200 games for the club. Youngsters Juliusz Kogut and Giancarlo Giammari will be looking to step up into the match day squad.

  • Geraci Medal- Oceania Riku Furuya (87 Stars)
  • Schiavo Boot- Japan Toshikazu Nakamoto (12 Goals)
  • Dello Trophy- Oceania Riku Furuya (13 Votes)
  • De Capitani Award- Japan Toshikazu Nakamoto
Kits From Season 42
Home Away

Colours and Crest

Club Crest

The teams colours were chosen at random, red and green.The clubs logo is a repainted lions head, the back part of the logo is a dark green colour while the middle is a wine red . The top part of the mouth is coloured green while the bottom is red. The chin is coloured black. Underneath that are the words VS Vlissingen inscribed in an arched motion.

Kits Season 39
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  • Name - The Frydjkaer
  • Region - Victoria, Oceania
  • Capacity - 59,650
  • Other Facilities
    • The Elan (Youth Squad and Youth Academy)
    • The Evora Turf (Training Ground)
    • OrlukOil Sporting Complex (training,fitness,basketball and Ice Hockey facilities)

The Frydjkaer situated on Mansion Road (formerly known as Shockwave Corner and DBO Stadium) is the home to VSV. It holds a capacity of 59,650, and has one of the best turfs and atmospheres in the Victorian region. The stadium has an all around set-up. The stadium seats have been purposely recoloured to look like the teams logo. The Stadium has four wings.

The eastern stand is where the fan club "The Blozen" position themselves for matches. This Stand is named the fans stand, after the fanatical supporters.

The northern wing is named the "Emmertsen" after Emmertsen Motors which had injected vital funds into the team when the club was on brink of financial disaster.

The Western stand is known as the "Unges", which in English means Youngsters which is dedicated to VS Vlissigen's terrific youth squad and academy producing many star players such as Fidel Cockman, Marc Morningstar and Riku Furuya.

The last stand the southern stand is dedicated to all the past players,managers and staff who have helped to create the modern V.S Vlissingen.

Outside the stadium, directly across it, is The Elan, which holds 300 seats. Each stand hold 50 people. The "The Elan" is the home ground for VS Vlissingen youth squad and Academie. Behind both The Frydjkaer, and the The Elan is The Evora Turf, the training ground to both VS Vlissigen and Cencare JS. The training ground has exactly the same turf as both the Frydjkaer and the Elan to maximize performance of both teams. Adjacent to The Evora, you will find the OrlukOil Sporting Complex facilities, which includes the gymnasium, swimming pools, saunas, nutritional kitchens,ice baths etc. The OrlukOil Sporting Complex is also home arena to the VS Vlissingen basketball team.Additionally there is the Vlissingen ICE PALACE which is home to the teams local Ice Hockey Club HC Vlissingen. Flames of Vlissingen play their matches parallel to the stadium on Mansion Road which has a 21,000 seat capacity.


VSV's major sponsors are Emmertsen Motors and OrlukOil. Their kit sponsor and supplier is Kappa, and other minor sponsors include VneshtoBank, TyroneTelekom , and Air Scabrough. Their Shirt sponsor is DHL Communications. The club especially owns their thanks to Emmertsen Motors and OrlukOil because when the club was about to collapse Emmertsen Motors and OrlukOil rescued the club injecting much needed funds to the cash strapped team.

Emmertsen Motors is the worlds leader in car manufacturing they have exported their car variants all over the world. The Emmertsen Motors Group also competes in the Formula 1 in the F1 Fanatic Cup. Their fantastic drivers Arie Albers and Innes Warwick make sure that Emmertsen Motors is always on the Podium! Their greatest model the Albion has won car of the year two year running and has been hailed by famous magazines such as Drive,Autocar and TopGear Magazine as the new yardstick for Sports Cars. So please visit your Emmertsen showroom nearest to you, We know you won't be disappointing

OrlukOil is the worlds major exporter of oil they are stationed in Greenland due to the fact that there is so much oil there. They have oil rigs all over the world most notably the Gulf of Mexico,Central Siberia and of the coast of the United Arab Emirates.

Brenno is one of the largest car oil manufacturers in the business. Part of the Emmertsen Motors group, it is the current shirt sponsor of the club.

DHL Communication company is one of the fastest growing companies in the world their coverage area spans over 150 countries and fifty thousands kilometres of cabling. They offer extremely quick and reliable internet. Their phone plan is one of the most cheapest because they do not have to pay line rental.

VneshtoBank is one of the worlds major lenders, their main clients are the royal family of Netherlands the Sultanate of Saudi Arabia and the King of Jordan, as well as that many national governments have borrowed from the Russian based bank notably the Tuvalu,Palau,Guyana,Madagascar and Mongolia. They offer an extremely low credit rating.

Air Scabrough was founded by her Majesty Queen of England, it hasn't looked back since. The company flies over ten million people all over the world each day with extremely cheap prices, unrivaled service,fantastic Entertainment on board and the most comfortable seats you can imagine.

Alter one of the most prominent auto tuning companies in the world. A sub-brand of Emmertsen Motors there extremely skilled technicians bring out the best from the Emmertsen Auto cars. Alter is responsible for producing the worlds fastest legally produced street saloon car. With Alter aboard VSV can expect a much needed funds injection from Alter. Their shirt sponsor contract is due to expire in season 35.

HELLIO Corporation the leading Financial Planning services in the modern world.Can help millions of individuals realize their true wealth and can help to create a growing investment portfolio for new customers.Currently the second largest financial planning company in the world behind HSBC.

Litmus Standard is a German pharmaceutical company based in Essen. They are responsible for providing medication to governments from developing countries around the world particularly north west Africa and central Asia.

PraXis Insurance Great insurance at a low premium, a sister company to HELLIO Corporation. Offers insurance for car drivers especially those who own an Emmertsen get a cheaper rate. also does house and contents.

Season(s) Kit Supplier Major Sponsor Shirt Sponsor Secondary Sponsor Minor Sponsor Minor Sponsor
29 Umbro FurIndustries Blade TyroneTelekom Carlsson Bihire Plutonium
30 Kappa Emmertsen Motors DHL Communication OrlukOil VneshtoBank Air Scabrough
31 Le Coq Sportif Emmertsen Motors DHL Communication OrlukOil VneshtoBank Air Scabrough
32-35 Le Coq Sportif Emmertsen Motors Alter OrlukOil HELLIO Corporation PraXis Insurance
36-38 Adidas Emmertsen Motors Cavron OrlukOil HELLIO Corporation PraXis Insurance
39- Adidas Emmertsen Motors Brenno OrlukOil Litmus Standard Dresper Construction

Fan Support

Coming from the grand city of Melbourne, the sports capital of the world, there is no doubting the passion and energy the fan club has. They call themselves "The Blozen", who come armed with torches, smoke, drums, flags and giant posters used to create visual grandeur and apply psychological pressure on visiting teams. At kick-off Frederic Montogomery(the leader of The Blozens) will blow his trumpet with a cry of OLE!

Famous Chants

  • Is this the way to Vlissingen?- The clubs anthem
  • We're green, we're red,All we know is,You're ******g dead,VSV, VSV.
  • When you're sat in row W, and the ball hits your head, that's Weingarten, that's Nunz Weingarten.
  • They tried to get the ball past Molnar, be he said NO,NO,NO.
  • He's a White, he's small, he's barley 2foot tall it's Fidel Cockman!!
  • Hey Spartans, ooh aah,I wanna know, did you nick my car,and my video,and my DVD,and my mobile phone-Sung about VSV's main rival Dynamo Sparta FC
  • Debt-free, wherever we may be,We're gonna buy everyone we see,and we don't give a ***k about the transfer fee,'Cos we are the wealthy VSV

Stadium Anthem

VSV is perhaps the only stadium in Victoria to feature a "scarf show".Before every game the VSV anthem is played accompanied by what the fans call a "scarf show" where fans display and wave their Vlissingen scarves, banners and flags.A lot of people call The Frydjkaer 'Speelhol' (hell) because of the stadiums atmosphere


The Dynamo Sparta team share perhaps the strongest rivalry between the two clubs.Both managers are friends. They have played each other twice, with VSV winning both games 4-1 and 1-0. The Melbourne Hurricanes and VSV also share a fierce rivalry they have played each other in the Kew High Cup Final three times with VSV triumphing triumphantly 4-3 after penalties 5-0 and 3-0.

In June 2014 VS Vlissingen embarked on a historic partnership signing pact of cooperation and hence becoming sister clubs with Chile's Atletico Bizancio on the back of Emmertsen Motors becoming the principle shirt sponsors of the club. The partnership aims to induce a cultural as well as sporting exchange between the two clubs.


Senior Squad

VS Vlissingen First XI
No. Position Player
1 GK Italy Roberto Di Pietro
2 WB France Yves Monet
3 DF Netherlands Martijn Arets
4 DF USA Alex Fultz (VC)
5 WB Netherlands Teun Koning
6 MF Poland Juliusz Kogut
7 WI Slovenia Dule Korenčan
8 MF Italy Giancarlo Giammari
9 FW Poland Bartosz Bedyk
10 FW France Damien Chiron
No. Position Player
11 WI Philippines John Ray Wei
13 FW Sweden Bardia Razzazi (C)
16 GK Oceania Larry Deacon
18 MF United Arab Emirates Kasim El-Khateeb
21 FW Japan Toshikazu Nakamoto
23 MF Oceania Jarrett Hockey
24 DF Italy Pier Luigi Albrighi
27 MF Czech Republic Jaroslav Žďárský
30 WI Argentina Jorge Checa (VC)
33 DF Belgium Wannes Van De Putte
44 MF Italy Vittorio Spampanato

12th Jersey

The number 12 jersey has been traditionally reserved for the fans! They are the twelfth man of the club whether the team playing home or away.


Paul Utã Romania

Paul Uta was recruited on the 22/4/10 at the expense of dud coach Jimmie Bogut. He was the previous coach of a Romanian division 2 team which for legal reasons cannot be named.Paul's coaching skill is inadequate but he is neither attacking nor defensive minded. Paul is 58 years old and vastly experienced. He is much respected by the players,staff and of course the fans. His win percentage was an excellent 78.2%

Unfortunately Paul had a poor run in division V and was consequently sacked by the Board of Directors on the 29th of August 2010, an hour after a disappointing 5-0 home loss to MALAKOUES. Stuart Jagpal was named his replacement. Paul said on his personal website that he would still like to stay on at VSV and take the reigns as an assistant coach, and to play an influential role to help develop the senior and youth soccer team's with Lex Perman. The Board of Directors immediately complied with his reasonable offer.

Stuart Jagpal England

Stuart Jagpal was recruited on the 29/8/10 at the surprising expense of coach Paul Utã. He was the previous coach of Pantai a Dutch division 8 team. Before that he was coach of FC BarcaPot which was a division 6 English Team.Stuart's coaching skill is solid he is neither attacking nor defensive minded. Stuart is 51 years old and has solid experienced. He is looking to replicate Paul's excellent win percentage but this time in Division V.On the 21/5/2012 one week before the end of the season Stuart Jagpal had chosen to step-down as head coach of VS Vlissingen due to health concerns. He had an excellent 2 season at club guiding VSV from a fringe team in Div 1 to a powerhouse team vying for promotion. In total Jagpal contested 165 matches winning a total of 98 matches at a healthy percentage of 59.4%. Juan Pablo Calero has be hired as the new manager.

Juan Pablo Calero Colombia

Mr.Calero was hired on the 21/5/2012 after Jagpal had to step down due to health concerns. In his press conference he has issued that VSV will reach new heights. He brand of attacking football similar of that to Andre Villas Boas will surely seem than Juan Pablo Calero will be a fans favourite.

Youth Squad

Cencare JS Vlissingen Academie (1649157)
Full name The Cencare JS Vlissingen Academie
Nickname VSV in de maak
Country  Oceania
Location Melbourne, Victoria
Fan Club The Blozen
Founded 2010
League AVR CUP
Trainer Lex Perman
Stadium The Elan
Senior Club VS Vlissingen

Cencare JS is one of the best and most respected youth clubs in the Hattrick system, plying their trade in the under 19 division, they compete in a prestigious international league known as First League. They have been succesful in winning their championship once and finishing runner-The senior VS Vlissigen staff and manager can sleep well at night knowing the fact that have such stars playing for their youth team. The academy has managed to produce current VSV and abroad players such as Pero Osmond,Tim Shorrock, Fidel Cockman and Riku Furuya. Recently Marc Morningstar has gone onto make the Oceania U-20 National Team. Cencare JS has three scouts in Lachlan Allsop(85)and Stuey Denezhkina(57) with an awesome coach in the vastly experienced Lex Perman.

No. Player
1 Oceania Laurie Waikerepuru
2 Oceania Claude Purkess
3 Oceania Giuseppino Gogg
4 Oceania Paraskevas Dimakopoulos
5 Oceania Alun Fox
6 Oceania Craig Hadley
7 Oceania Eddie Bate
8 Oceania Abdo Bardawil
9 Oceania Nakia Clark
10 Oceania Ricky Ildawongga
11 Oceania Kent Thatcher
12 Oceania Vuk Simendić
13 Oceania Christian Gaspar
14 Oceania Andy Yorta Yorta
15 Oceania Jarrett Hockey
16 Oceania Ron Ardill


Season Name
30 Fidel Cockman
31 Riku Furuya
32 Franklyn Gaize
33 Pero Osmond
34 Mike MacGillivray
35 Freddie Whitehouse
36 Jonathon Hamor
37 Sumit Thakur
38 Jarrod Duff
39 Mark Forrester
40 Al Lowery
41 Marc Morningstar
42 Osiro Hammonds
43 Jerald Talbot
44 Ricky Ildawongga
45 Kent Thatcher

Youth Team Alumni

TSI Player
380 Oceania Souheil Taleb*
460 Oceania George Kekovich*
550 Oceania Marco Weaver*
570 Oceania Tim Shorrock*
640 Oceania Miguel Duruz*
640 Oceania Stephen Maguire*
700 Oceania Taree Karam*
700 Oceania Ron Braidotti*
710 Oceania Rolf Currie*
770 Oceania Nikodimos Mpaxevanidis*
770 Oceania Jerry Bolton*
780 Oceania Ioannis Manoliadis*
810 Oceania Jonathon Hamor*
TSI Player
880 Oceania Damien Plaza*
890 Oceania Marco Weaver*
890 Oceania Konar Buckley*
940 Oceania Mark Forrester*
1060 Oceania Sumit Thakur*
1120 Oceania Mickey Ablett*
1210 Oceania Fidel Cockman*
1310 Oceania Jarrod Duff*
1370 Oceania Mike MacGillivray*
1440 Oceania Lucas Byrnes
3090 Oceania Larry Deacon*
3350 Oceania Riku Furuya*
3930 Oceania Pero Osmond*

Players with a * means that they have actually managed to play a game in the seniors, whether being for VSV or for any other club.


VSV have a huge board of technical staff.With experience coming from all over the world, helping the manager and coaches improve the playing squad.

Current Technical Staff

Position Name Nationality
Club Owner Emmertsen Motors Group  United Arab Emirates
Manager Arshavin71  Rossiya
Coach (Asst Man.) Stuart Jagpal  England
Asst. Coach Lex Perman  Belgium
Asst. Coach Paul Utã  România
Assistant Manager Volkan Kirillov  Rossiya
Director of Football Peitong Li  China
Reserves Manager Vyacheslav Alinchiev  Rossiya
Academy Director Peter Elmheden  Sverige
Chief Scout Lachlan Allsopp  Oceania
Senior Opposition Scout Kieron Simpkins  Oceania
Goalkeeper Coach Adrians Kaulainis  Belarus
Goalkeeper Coach Arkady Belikov  Rossiya
Fitness Coach Oleg Bezrukov  Rossiya
Chief Psychologist Georgii Tzvetov  Rossiya
Psychologist Ben Mödl  Deutschland
Dietition/Nutritionalist Riccardo Maurizi  Italia
Sports Scientist Virgilius Petrauskas  Lietuva
Physiotherapist Fyodor Stiachkov  Rossiya
Physiotherapist Fernando Bousoño  España
Medical Director Taras Yumashev  Rossiya
Doctor Herman Vooijs  Nederland
Doctor Bogdan Gaznayev  Rossiya
Match Analyst Pavel Morozov  Rossiya

Current Board of Directors

Position Name Nationality
Owner Emmertsen Motors Group  United Arab Emirates
Chairman Arshavin71  Rossiya
Chairman of the Board George Lautraite  Lëtzebuerg
Assistant Chairman and Director Jordan Kounelis  Hellas
Social Director Arseny Khadartsev  Rossiya
Treasurer and Finance Director Evgeny Molchaoff  Rossiya
Marketing and Media Director Ignaty Ostrovsky  Rossiya
Institutional and Assets Director Valeriy Kudryavtsev  Rossiya
Sports Director Jono Georgiou  Cyprus
Secretary Robbie Horomona  Andorra
Accountant Ruslan Prokourorov  Rossiya
Accountant Frederic Montgomery JNR  Nederland
Spokesperson Wolfgang Kitzbuhel  Deutschland
Spokesperson Franklin Giannopolous  Hellas
Spokesperson Nikola Knežević  Hrvatska
Spokesperson Miroslav Pavelenko  Rossiya

Club Records


  • Most League wins in a season – 14
  • Fewest League wins in a season – 4
  • Longest winning streak(including Cups and Friendlies) – 19(06/12/12-20/02/13)& (29/05/13-07/08/13)


  • Most League defeats in a season – 10
  • Fewest League defeats in a season – 0
  • Longest losing streak(including Cups and Friendlies) – 5 (26/2/14-15/3/14)


  • Most League goals scored in a season – 95
  • Fewest League goals scored in a season – 23
  • Most League goals conceded in a season – 44
  • Fewest League goals conceded in a season – 5
  • Biggest winning margin –12(v Death Rippers)
  • Biggest losing margin – 9 (v Critters Liberec )
  • Most goals scored in a match – 12 (v Death Rippers)
  • Most goals conceded in a match-9 (v Critters Liberec)
  • Most goals scored in a match by a player – 5 (Bartosz Bedyk,Nunzio Weingarten & Jozsef Fazekas)


  • Most points in a League season – 42
  • Fewest points in a League season – 12


  • First matchv. spss, league match, 25/04/10 (won 5-1)
  • First League Matchv. spss, 25/04/10 (won 5-1)
  • First Oceania Cup Matchv. Forest Hill Rhinos, Second Round, 28/04/2010 (won 1-0)
  • First match at The Frydjkaer– v. spss, league match, 25/04/2010 (won 5-1)
  • First Overseas matchv. Critters Liberec, Friendly in Czech Republic, 19/05/2010 (lost 9-0)
  • First goal- Constantin Manafu (25/4/10) v ssps


  • Highest Transfer Fee Paid - Bartosz Bedyk ($AUD 5,500,000)
  • Highest Transfer Fee Received - Marc Morningstar ($AUD 3,492,480)


  • Highest crowd attendance - 58,000
  • Lowest crowd attendance - 436


Club Honours

Division V.PNGSeries Champions

  • Winners: NIL
  • Runners-Up: IV.5 (Season 41)

Division V.PNGSeries Champions

  • Winners: V.162 (Season 39,40), V.66 (Season 44)
  • Runners-Up: V.162 (Season 36)

Division VI.PNGSeries Champions

  • Winners: VI.649 (Season 30)
  • Runners-Up: NIL

National Cup.PNGThe Oceania Cup

  • Winners: Nil
  • Runners-Up: Nil

HT Masters.PNGThe Hattrick Masters:

  • Winners: Nil
  • Runners-Up: Nil

Kew High Tri-Club SeriesKEW HIGH Cup:

  • Winners: 4
  • Runners-Up: Nil

Individual Honours

Goldenball.png Golden Ball

  • Winners: Jasper Vandereycken(Season 30) ,Vicente Maurici(40)
  • Runners-Up: Ladislav Lodr(Season 30)

Goldenboot-old.PNGGolden Boot

  • Winners: Nunzio Weingarten(30 with 15), Bartosz Bedyk (44 with 16)
  • Runners-Up: Angel Maza(30 with 7),Bartosz Bedyk(38 with 18)

  • Note: The Golden Ball award goes by the highest number of stars. If there is a multiple number of players with the same amount of stars, then the winner is decided by the highest TSI.

Individual Records

Most Games Played

Matches Name
228 Riku Furuya
220 Yves Monet
205 Fidel Cockman
198 Damien Chiron
192 Jasper Vandereycken
190 Bartosz Bedyk
187 Henrik Vantanen
187 Francisco Mateus
170 Jan Pelka
166 Pablo Ostolaza

Most Goals Scored

Goals Name
136 Bartosz Bedyk
125 Damien Chiron
119 Riku Furuya
106 Jan Pelka
89 Paulo Fernando Villa-Nova
84 Francisco Mateus
76 Fidel Cockman
76 Bardia Razzazi
69 Joszef Fazekas

Most Clean Sheets

Sheets Name
73 Tamas Simon
52 Roberto Di Pietro
34 Pedro Bustamante

Most Times Captain

Games Name
127 Jasper Vandereycken
54 Riku Furuya
40 Henrik Vantanen
39 Vicente Maurici
37 Anthony Jacxsens

Individual Records(YOUTH)

Most Goals Scored

Goals Name
42 Matthew Akermanis
35 Riku Furuya
31 Franklyn Gaize
31 Miguel Duruz
24 Guy Halatau
24 Steven Maguire
24 Osiro Hammonds
23 Damian Plaza
20 Freddie Whitehouse

Players in Bold indicate that the player is currently playing for the club, VS Vlissingen or its youth affiliate


Season (Global) Series Standing Wins Draws Losses GF GA GD Points
42-44 AFF D1 Third 20 0 10 121 59 95 60
44-46 AVR CUP First 26 0 4 149 50 99 78
46-48 AVR CUP Seventh 17 2 11 129 74 55 53
48-50 AVR CUP Third 18 6 6 85 46 35 60
50-52 First League Seventh 13 7 10 53 52 1 46
52-54 First League Third 20 3 7 108 45 63 63
54-56 First League Second 21 3 6 107 31 69 66
56-58 First League Eighth 15 6 9 79 41 28 51
58- A.F.C.A League Sixth 1 1 0 5 2 3 4



Date Achievement Points
09-09-2013 Climbing the ladder 40
22-04-2010 I want you 10
21-05-2010 Practice makes perfect 10
05-05-2010 Get out of here 10
30-01-2012 We're so loved 15
12-05-2012 Cash is king 25
01-09-2012 All that skill 30
25-04-2010 Investment return 10
09-02-2010 Play the lottery 10
07-03-2012 Cup Heroes 10
21-12-2013 I want you back 10


Date Achievement Points
30-06-2013 We're so good 17
05-05-2013 Star collector 35
02-02-2011 The World Needs to Know 10
19-05-2010 Friends from abroad 10
26-02-2012 We're So Good 11



Season (Global) Series Standing Wins Draws Losses GF GA GD Points Cup (Eliminated By)
30 (42) VI.649 Winner 14 0 0 71 5 66 42 Round 3(Arsenal City FC)
31 (43) V.162 Sixth 4 0 10 26 42 -16 12 Round 2(Hutt United)
32 (44) V.162 Sixth 4 0 10 37 44 -7 12 Round 2(MIASG Saintly Sinn)
33 (45) V.162 Sixth 4 2 8 44 34 10 14 Round 3(Lemon Curry FC)
34 (46) V.162 Sixth 4 2 8 45 39 6 14 Round 3(st johnnies)
35 (47) V.162 Third 9 1 4 64 26 38 28 Round 3(Liverpool FC Est-1)
36 (48) V.162 Second 11 2 1 75 11 56 35 Round 4(Tanks Heroes)
37 (49) V.162 Third 11 0 3 71 23 48 33 Round 3(Gordon Park United)
38 (50) V.162 Third 10 3 1 84 14 70 33 Round 5(cardiff tigers)
39 (51) V.162 Winner 11 2 1 79 10 69 35 Round 5(Lemon Curry FC)
40 (52) V.162 Winner 14 0 0 95 7 88 42 Round 3(Hellas Melbourne FC)
41 (53) IV.5 Second 8 2 4 36 20 16 26 Round 3(Eastern Phoenix)
42 (54) IV.5 Fifth 5 3 6 29 36 -7 18 Round 3(Followers of Red John)
43 (55) IV.5 Seventh 4 2 6 23 24 -1 14 Round 4(Taromeo Hotspurs)
44 (56) V.66 Winner 14 0 0 102 3 99 42 Round 2(monkey monkey)
45 (57) IV.49 Fifth 3 6 5 21 35 -14 15 Round 2(Ngunnawal crusaders)
46 (58) V.227 First 8 2 0 64 3 61 26 Round 2(Ngunnawal crusaders)

Not to be Confused With

  • HungaryIstván Molnár- a Hungarian water polo player who competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics in Germany
  • DenmarkJesper Jensen- a Danish handball player who won the 2008 European Men's Handball Championship with the Danish national handball team. He also competed in the 2008 Olympic tournament

Notable players

Theese are past players who with marginal success played with VS Vlissingen and have transfered or retired players. For more details on this topic, see VS Vlissingen records.


  • Maldives Ibraheem Husseiny 1 CAP
  • Oceania Marc Morningstar 7 CAPS (U-20)

  • Belgium Anthony Jacxsens
  • Belgium Tamas Simon
  • Belgium Jasper Vandereycken
  • Bulgaria Kuncho Yotzev
  • Czech Republic Ladislav Lodr
  • Denmark Lau Hamburger
  • Denmark Jesper Frank Jensen
  • Spain Vicente Maurici
  • Spain Ángel Maza
  • Spain Ramón Piñero
  • Estonia Hendrik Antonen
  • Finland Teppo Lindroos
  • Finland Henrik Vantanen
  • France Jonathan Maurice
  • Germany Dirk Bolterauer
  • Hungary Istvan Molnar
  • Hungary Janek Vereska
  • Iceland Sæþór Vífilsson
  • Latvia Andis Beņķītis
  • Netherlands Romke Conjin
  • Netherlands Elwyn Kolder
  • Poland Jan Pelka
  • Portugal Francisco Mateus
  • Portugal Paulo Fernando Villa-Nova
  • Romania Joszef Fazekas
  • Romania Constantin Manafu
  • Russia Viktor Zhillinskiy
  • Sweden Thomas Mikaelsson
  • Sweden Soren Palmdahl
  • Switzerland Natale Vaiani
  • Switzerland Nunzio Weingarten
  • Turkey Osman Alev

South and Central America
  • Argentina Fernando Hector Klitzsch
  • Brazil Gerson Camargo JNR.
  • Chile Lander Leyton
  • Chile Pablo Ostolaza
  • Colombia Pedro Bustamante

  • Benin Maxime Fassinou

Asia and Oceania
  • Indonesia Imanudin Wuisan
  • Japan Yusuke Ikeda
  • Maldives Ibraheem Husseiny
  • Oceania Fidel Cockman
  • Oceania Riku Furuya
  • Oceania Charles Johnson
  • Oceania Kenton Prior
  • Oceania Dimos Mpatonetas
  • Oceania Marc Morningstar
  • Vietnam Lê Duy Phú

Flag Collection

Hosted Countries
England Norway Hungary Italy Chile Germany Netherlands Oceania France Denmark Spain Switzerland Thailand Poland Romania ArgentinaFinland USA Peru Uruguay Mexico Brazil Bulgaria Belgium Latvia Austria Portugal Canada

Visited Countries
Colombia Spain Czech Republic Slovakia Belgium Oceania Switzerland Serbia Italy Argentina Chile Bulgaria France Portugal Romania Russia


The players,companies and staff portrayed in this hattrick wikipedia page and the names used herein are fictitious, and any resemblance to the names, character, or history of any person or thing is coincidental and unintentional