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Johnny Couzinet (258642323)
Cuuuuziii! - Copie.png
Personal Information
Full name Johnny Couzinet
Nickname Cuzi
Age56 years and 67 days
Country  France
Current team Luxembourg L'auberge espagnole
Youth Career
Youth teamFrance FC Marquette U20
Senior Career
Seasons (Global)TeamAppearances(Goals)
19 (40) - 35 (56)Luxembourg L'auberge espagnole281(90)
56 (56) - 59 (59)France ASGC Grande Champagne61(11)
National Team
France U20 France10(11)(3)

Appearances and goals counted for competitive matches only.

Johnny Couzinet is a former french winger and former National team player in Hattrick.


  • Johnny Couzinet was a French player who was promoted from the club FC Marquette on September 6th, 2009. He was put on transfers market by his owner Kris59 the very same day of his promotion.

On September 9th, 2009, L'auberge espagnole spent the huge amount of 4M€ to buy this player at the age of 17 years and 3 days.
The player is considered, at that time, as one of the best promising wingers of his generation in France. His initial skills were 7 in Winger, 7 in Playmaking and 5 in Passing.

  • He played a significant part in the sucesses of the club, helping it to win the 3rd Luxembourg series title, enabling the club to be promoted for the 2nd series.
  • On August 13th, 2010,Hattrick-link.png(298571433) (Global season 43), after 4 intense training seasons, he was selected in the French U-20 team by the French U-20 National Coach, Cortomaltese, who nicknamed him "Cuzi" (to be pronounced Coudzee), and the player gained a reputation in the France forum Hattrick-link.png(14269665.12).

This nickname will follow him until the end of his career, and now, everybody called him by his nickname.

  • A week later,Hattrick-link.png(298835035) he was selected by the new-elected U-20 French National Coach, Tibbs, to play the qualifications for the World Cup and scored his first goal as a U-20. He played 10 matches, contributing to the success of the French team who was qualified for the Round II of World Cup.

Later, Cuzi won the 2nd series title of his club's country, and helped his club to the highest series of Luxembourg, called Nationaldivisioun.

  • During the Global season 48, he was selected for the first time in the French National Team, on March 2nd, 2012,Hattrick-link.png(377018962), at the age of only 25, which showed another time how extraordinary his skills were. Nobody knew at that time, but he has then been selected for 8 seasons in the French-NT.
  • In Global season 51 (Luxembourg season 30), he won both titles in Championship and National Cup, taking with him his club to the highests for the first time in the Hattrick Masters for the following season.
  • In Global season 53, he won again the Championship (on December 8th, 2013,Hattrick-link.png(449153158) ), then won the National Cup during the 2 following seasons : Global season 54 (on February 19th, 2014, Hattrick-link.png(468444290)) and Global season 55 (on June 11th, 2014,Hattrick-link.png(482848214) ), helping the club to set a new invincibility record in Cup (26 games won in a row).
  • On the other side, he played the qualifications for World Cup with French National team several times, helping France to be qualified for Round II in seasons 53 and 55.

Noticeable fact, he got injured twice while playing in NT, on April 6th, 2012 and on July 19th, 2013.

  • In Global season 55 (from April to August 2014), which was to be his last season played with L'Auberge, Cuzi played during the World Cup, but also in the Hattrick Masters, finished at 3rd place in Championship and won the National Cup for the 3rd time, scoring during both the semi-finalHattrick-link.png(482712425) and the final Hattrick-link.png(482848214).
  • He was selected for the last time in French-NT on August 15th, 2014 for a friendly gameHattrick-link.png(496512293).

At the age of 33, the club decided to sell him for 2,97M€ to ASGC Grande Champagne, club where was playing his French-NT teammate Raphael Brosse, with who he had been playing for several years. He left as a consequence for a last adventure in a new club, on September 8th, 2014, 5 years after being recruited by L'auberge, for a total of 16 seasons, and after spending the entire part of his career in L'auberge.

On September 4th, 2017, after a long negociation, the club and the player agreed for a return of the player in the Hall of Fame of the club. The player is now in-charge of the Youth team, "Los erasmuños", and it's up to him to detect the most promising players for the club in the future.


Cup Champions Season 55 Cup Champions Season 54 Nationaldivisioun Champions Season 53 Nationaldivisioun Champions Season 51 Cup Champions Season 51 Series Champions II.2 Season 46 Series Champions III.3 Season 42


  • 1  Luxembourg Cup : Season 34 (55)
  • 1  Luxembourg Cup : Season 33 (54)
  • 1  Luxembourg Cup : Season 30 (51)
  • 1  Luxembourg II.3: Season 25 (46)
  • 1  Luxembourg III.2: Season 21 (42)

  • 2  Luxembourg Nationaldivisioun : Season 33 (54)
  • 2  Luxembourg Nationaldivisioun : Season 31 (52)
  • 2  Luxembourg II.3: Season 24 (45)
  • 2  Luxembourg II.3: Season 22 (43)
  • 2  Luxembourg III.2: Season 20 (41)
  • 2  Luxembourg III.2: Season 19 (40)

  • 3  Luxembourg II.3: Season 23 (44)


Here are some figures to show the incredible statistics of Johnny Couzinet in Hattrick for l'Auberge espagnole :

=> 342 matches played, 3rd rank in the club.
=> including 281 official matches.
=> 122 goals, including 90 goals in official matches.
=> 76 times elected as the best Player of the Match, 3rd rank in the club.

=> 55 matchs in NT of France.
=> including 36 in official games.
=> 11matches in U-20, including 10 official games .
=> 5 major titles won (3 Cups et 2 Championships).
=> 4 Hattrick Masters matches.
=> 2 hattricks scored.

Best performance

Best performance
Hattrick-link.png(434333320) 23/06/2013 (League match) HTStar5.pngHTStar5.pngHTStar.pngHTStarHalf.png


At 33 years-old, end of August 2014, a few days before he left the club, here are his skills at that time : 18 in Winger, 15 in Playmaking, 12 in Passes, and 5 in Defence (highest level reached: 6)
Level of experience estimated at 32.


En Equipe de France

Here is the official picture of the National Team of France, for the last played game of Cuzi, at the age of 33.

Cuzi en EDF!.png