Kamil Łotocki

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Kamil Łotocki
Personal Information
Full Name Kamil Łotocki
Country Poland Poland
Player ID (365397625)
Status Active
Number 1
TSI 5,610 (6/16/2013)
Position Keeper
Specialty None
Current Club Italy Sondrio F.C. 1933849
Former Clubs
Season 51-52 USA Jimmyhats 229562
Season 49-51 Finland Pullasorsa Calcio 1054437
Season 34 Poland Bayern Munchen E.V 869687
Mother Club
Season 34 Poland Bayern Munchen E.V 10/14/2012
Youth Club
No Information


Kamil Łotocki had an ephemeral, inconsequential, and unremarkable career as a goalkeeper with Jimmyhats from January 13, 2013 (15/50) until February 15, 2013 (4/51). Not much is known about his youth in Poland, only that he served time in prison for an unspecified offense allegedly involving a rabbit, a pirate's eye patch, and an umbrella.

Łotocki came up with the Polish club Bayern Munchen E.V. He played in two different countries before transferring to Jimmyhats, where he appeared in six competitive matches, starting twice. Łotocki played 272 total minutes and allowed seven goals (38.86) and was credited with two wins. His first appearance in a Jimmyhats uniform was during a friendly match in Strathclyde, Scotland against St. Laurencekirk on January 16, 2013 (16/50).

Kamil Łotocki now plays with Italian team Sondrio F.C. in Series VIII.282 and is currently 20 years old.

Performance History

Note: Performance stats are for competitive matches played with Jimmyhats. Friendlies are not included.

Season Apps Minutes GA (T) GA (L) GA (Q) GA (C) G/M Rating Clean Sheets Wins
51 6 272 7 1 0 6 38.86 1 2
Total 6 272 7 1 0 6 38.86 1 2

Transfer History

Date Week Season Nat. Selling Team Nat. Purchasing Team Price TSI
December 24, 2012 13 50 Poland Bayern Munchen E.V Magnifier.png Finland Pullasorsa Calcio Magnifier.png $62,500 (USD) 1,820
January 13, 2013 15 50 Finland Pullasorsa Calcio Magnifier.png USA Jimmyhats Magnifier.png $185,000 (USD) 3,200
February 15, 2013 4 51 USA Jimmyhats Magnifier.png Italy Sondrio F.C. Magnifier.png $408,000 (USD) 4,550

Memorable Moments

October 14, 2012 (2/50)
Was discovered by Bayern Munchen E.V.