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Lokomotiv Veltem (72913)
Lokomotiv Veltem
Managed by Pelotas
Club information
LocationVlaams Brabant Belgium
ArenaDe Gulden Snede
Fan ClubVeltemse Treinconducteurs & Co.

Lokomotiv Veltem was a Belgian team, founded January 1st 2002. Lokomotiv Veltem was the very first team in Belgium, it was lead by Pelotas. Lokomotiv Veltem started in division II.1 and over the years grew out to a so-called -division 1,5 team- because of their constant promotion and relegation to and from the Eerste Klasse, the highest division in Belgium.

On December 21st 2005, Pelotas has quit Hattrick and the team ceased to exist. However, on January 21st 2009, the microbe bit him again. As a result, the team Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track was founded.

Important moments

15-09-2001, 17:22 Pelotas applies for a team in Belgium after giving up his team in USA, The Brave Soldiers. The belgian league is created, but due to an error however, there is never a Season 1 in Belgium and the team is not created before the first of January, 2002.

01-01-2002 Pelotas gets his team, named 'fc de sjotters', a namechange is requested and after about two weeks of the team's existance the name is finally changed to Lokomotiv Veltem. Note: the inventor of this name is Pelotas' dad.

16-01-2002 After two easy matches there is a loss, unfortunately the first match under the name of Lokomotiv Veltem. The team that caused this loss is a bot-team under the name of Standard Namur. Reason for the loss is the change from 4-4-2 to 3-5-2.

17-02-2002 It's as good as sure that the title will be won by Lokomotiv Veltem or sc wielsbeke as both teams are leading with a maximum of 15 points. On the 17th Lokomotiv beats wielsbeke 3-1 with goals from Henry Rey, Ulf Andreasson and Peter Persson and takes the lead in the league. However, a MOTS was needed to win, and due to this, Lokomotiv only manages a 0-0 away to 'kils' the week after. In the return leg against wielsbeke, Lokomotiv gets clobbered 4-0 and never gets back on top of the table.

16 and 23-06-2002 Lokomotiv Veltem again has a very good season in which no less than ten matches are won and only two lost. Some great teams have joined the league, of which Bertem Shadownears and RSC Ostend manage to keep some of the points at home in their matches against Lokomotiv but are no match at The Gulden Snede. The decision for the title however happens on the 7th and 8th day of the league, when Lokomotiv Veltem meets De inheemse struiktegels. First a loss away to De inheemse struiktegels on the 16th folowed by a draw at home on the 23rd puts Lokomotiv in the second place for the second time in a row. A few weeks earlier, on 05-06-2002, Lokomotiv left the Cup after a 4-1 loss away to Divine Divinity in round 6.

06-10-2002 This day became a very important day in the history of Lokomotiv, because on this day the match against Satanic Spacelords was deliberately picced to take our chances in the cup. The reason was that after 6 matchdays, Lokomotiv was in second place, but already a few points behind Satanic Spacelords, who were looking very strong. Rather than just becoming second again, both matches against Satanic were picced (and lost), all other games in the league were also picced.

09-10-2002 Lokomotiv plays away to Declaimed in the round-of-16 in the Cup. Being a very stong team, Declaimed has many chances and manages to score four goals, luckily however, Lokomotiv manages to score five and thus progresses to the quarter finals.

16-10-2002 Getting this far in the cup gave Lokomotiv the advantage of playing home, unfortunately this also meant that only big teams were left in the cup. De inheemse struiktegels, who were at that time battling for the title in Eerste Klasse, decided to play it cool and thus gave Lokomotiv a free ticket into the semi-finals.

30-10-2002 The second leg of the semi-final proved to end surprisingly after FC Nieuwmoer, who had managed to hold Lokomotiv to a 3-3 draw a week earlier, were looking the favorites to progress to the final. However, Lokomotiv beat Nieuwmoer 0-4 at their place to beat the team from Eerste Klasse and move on to the final. The other finalist was another team from Eerste Klasse, FC Drummer.

06-11-2002 Starting with a team spirit of POE, Lokomotiv went all the way and decided to play MOTS twice in the final. It paid off in the first leg as FC Drummer was the stronger team on the whole field except for the midfield. Lokomotiv was able to convert most of the opportunities into goals and win the first leg 4-1. Man of the match was without any doubt Charles De Clerck, who managed to score a Hattrick! Important fact was that one of the best inner mids of Drummer got injured after 59 minutes and was out for many weeks, he would thus also miss the return leg.

13-11-2002 FC Drummer, without one of their best inners injured, and still in titlecourse in Eerste Klasse, did not have the luck on their side so far. In the second leg it didnt go any better for them as they won, but only by 2-1. Lokomotiv Veltem had won the cup! Scorer for Lokomotiv Veltem was ofcourse Charles De Clerck, who was the big hero as he scored over 25 goals during this cup tournament.

The further history of Lokomotiv Veltem is mostly lost.


Lokomotiv Veltem collected the following trophies in its prize shelf: