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Pelotas (born 1984) is a Belgian user.

After initially playing in the USA league, he asked HT formally for the Belgian league to be created. The request was granted, but to do this, he had to give up his team in USA, called The Brave Soldiers (8143). Pelotas then received a new team, Lokomotiv Veltem (72913), the first ever Belgian team. With this team, he played six seasons in the Eerste Klasse, and took part in two cup finals, of which he won one.

Pelotas quit hattrick in December 2005, but returned in January 2009, by taking control of Lokomotiv Veltem Back-on-Track (1541559).

Hattrick feats

Apart from being the first Belgian user, Pelotas is also mostly known as:

  • A former GM for Belgium and Nederland.
  • A former national coach of Belgium.
  • An active user of Hattrick Wiki.

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