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pawel90 (3656647)
Manager of KP Legniczanka Legnica (868073)
Manager Information
Real namePaweł (90)
Gender Male
Language Polski
Joined 23th November 2005
Favourite team Polish NT/Miedź Legnica
More info 11th November 2005 sent
an application to get team
16th November 2009 became
a moderator

MOD-pawel90 is an user from Poland and owner of KP Legniczanka Legnica. He got the team at 23.11.2005. He's passionate flag chaser and he's collecting mainly away flags. At 02 September 2006 he founded first polish flag chasers federation - Federacja Kolekcjonerow Flag. Today it's the biggest polish fed. 16th November 2009 he joined to polish officials as conference moderator.

According to legend he is 90 years old but he isn't geting old yet.