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Canadian Club

Managed by MattyJ

Currently plays in II.2

Basic Info

Joined: 7/23/01
Region: Alberta
Stadium: Medecine Hat
Club Colors: Blue/White

Club History

The Edmonton Vikings will join Canada in the First Season, under Mat's Vikings. They will compete in II.2 against High Park FC who will clinch 1st position and get to the All Canadian. The Vikings will spend another season in II.2 to finally promote in the All Canadian for Season 3. This is a turning point for the Vikings as their Youth Squad promote two legend-to-be Canadian forwards - Herman Ife & Ed Cant. MattyJ will keep his team competitive in the All Canadian for about 10 seasons and will therefore gain a lot of respect in HT-Canada. He will be the first to finally get the second-spot long held by High Park FC in season 7. By season 12, things start to get harder for the Vikings as a flow of new powerhouses get into the competition. Avoiding relegation in that season will only delay their downfall in the next season as they end up last of the table, getting back to their former division, II.2. The club turned bot in season 20. Though, the team reinvented itself as Ottawa Vikings later that same season.

National Products

From Youth

Herman Ife
Ed Cant