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Ed Cant (2931777)
Ed Cant (2931777).png
Personal Information
Full name Edward Cant
Nickname Cant
Age81 years and 84 days
Country  Canada
PositionCoach, former forward
Current team Colombia Once Toques
Youth Career
Youth teamCanada Edmonton Vikings
Senior Career
Seasons (Global)TeamAppearances(Goals)
3 (15) - 6 (18)Canada Edmonton Vikings51(30)
7 (19) - 13 (25)Canada Barrington Barons96(124)
13 (25) - 15 (27)Spain Dark Moor33(23)
14 (27) - 16 (29)Belgium squadra goaletta31(19)
17 (29) - 20 (32)Peru Sport Alianza35(6)
21 (33) - 24 (36)Colombia Once Toques41(42)
National Team
Canada U20 Canada13
Teams Managed
24 (36) - 31 (43)Colombia Once Toques

Appearances and goals counted for competitive matches only.

Ed Cant is a Canadian coach and a former player in Hattrick.



Cant was promoted by Edmonton Vikings, one month later than another famous Vikings Player, Herman Ife. He was a truly skilled forward and got caps both in the U-20 Team and the National Team.

Scoring 30 goals in 51 competitive matches caught the attention of Barrington Barons, which payed the astronomical sum of 7 000 000 for the transfer. Cant's career changed completely then. He won five Canadian Leagues, one Canadian Cup and became two times top scorer of the All Canadian League.

Cant was also selected by National Team in preparation for the World Cup III in Nederland, but he only played friendlies because Neil Pemberton was prefered over him for the competitive and World Cup matches. Following this, Cant was removed from the National Team.

Barrington Barons sold him on global season 25 and his career become more discreet. He played in Spain, Belgium (he won one league in division VI), Perú and he finally finish his career as a player in Colombia, where he won his last league and scored 42 goals in 41 competitive matches, although his age.

After he hung it up in Once Toques, he started coaching but he didn't get any big trophy.

It is rumoured that Ed Cant didn't get all the success his teammate Herman Ife had, and claimed that he lived in Ife's shadow, being unnoticed and ignored. Not much is known of him, he apparently would have married in Belgium with a young model.


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Barrington Barons

squadra goaletta

Once Toques


  • 2  Canada All Canadian Top scorer: Seasons 8 (20), 9 (21)