Mauricio Rojas

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Personal Information
Full name Mauricio Rojas
Nickname Unknown
Country  Argentina
Position F
Speciality Spec2Quick.png Quick
Club Information
Current club Retired
Senior Clubs
Global Seasons Team GP (goals)
Argentina ladoce _?_(?)
France FC La Jungle _?_(?)
Denmark Delta OBCT = 0 _?_(?)
Argentina LoS NeNeS De MaKi _?_(?)
Russia Mad_Hamsters _?_(?)
Italy U.S. Irpinia _15_(15)
France S.R. Groville _?_(?)
Poland Puchowica _?_(49)
Global Seasons Team Games
Poland Puchowica

Mauricio Rojas.png

Mauricio Rojas (89947726) was an Argentine player and trainer.