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Spec1Technic.png Technical
Spec2Quick.png Quick
Spec3Power.png Powerful
Spec5Head.png Head
Spec4Unpred.png Unpredictable
Spec6Regainer.png Resilient
Spec7support.png Support

Players with the quick specialty can feature in special events during a match.

Despite having many negative events against, quick is generally regarded as one of the best specialties in the game, and forwards and wingers with this specialty command higher prices than those without the specialty.

Special events

Weather events
  • Sunshine: loses 5% on skills during the whole match.
  • Rain: loses 5% on all skills during the whole match.
Goal events
  • Quick Passes: forwards and wingers can generate a chance for their team by rushing past their defending opponent. If this defending opponent is also quick, or has sufficient defending skill they can stop this chance.
  • Quick Defenders (negative): defenders and inner midfielders can negate an opponents quick forward or winger. They can not create chances themselves with their specialty.


If you want to be an expert in counter-attacks, you will need not only good passing skills, but also quick players to take advantage of it. Any quick Winger, Inner Midfielder and Forward will give a small boost on the CA tactic.

The effect will not be linear, the range starts from 0 and goes up to 2.8 tactic levels. Keep in mind that your opponent might reduce or nullify this boost depending on the number of quick players he has selected as Wing Backs, Inner Midfielders and Defenders.