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NT U-20 China

NT U-21 China

NT China

Hattrick Country
National Team China (3075)
Country data China.png
Country  China
Zone Asia
Established Global Season 77

NT China

1 - 1
at Stockholm (Sweden)

NT Vietnam

Wc match icon.png 09/04/2021
Prize shelf
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The National team U-21 China represents China in juniores international friendlies, in U-21 Asia and Oceania Cup and in U-21 World Cup since 2021.

Chinese NT U-21 Coaches History
Ed. / Host Election Votes Manager Continental Cup World Cup Result
U-21 WC 02 27 Aug. 2021 ? / ? User.png unknown - Did not qualify
U-21 WC 01 Switzerland 18 Jan. 2021 ? / ? T1_McGrady Group Stage (4th place) Did not qualify