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A Normal Winger is a true multi skilled player.

  • Normal wingers use a combination of wing and passing to attack.
  • They use playmaking to create chances and prevent opponent chances
  • They also use defending to stop an opponent's chances on that wing side.



Although Normal Wingers do not contribute as much to wing attack as Offensive Wingers, they still make an important contribution to wing attacks on their side of the field. Their wing skill is the primary contributor to the attack ratings.


Passing adds to the wing attack ratings of any winger: Offensive, Defensive or Normal. It is difficult to say exactly how much of the wing attack can be creditted to the passing of an offensive winger. There is a rule of thumb that states that about 3-4 levels of passing = 1 level of wing skill.

The two things that we do know is that:

  1. Passing on all Wingers adds to your wing attack rating and not to the central attack rating.
  2. Passing is not boosted by playing the Winger "Offensive", like an Offensive IM's passing is boosted. As is stated in the rules: Offensive Winger: More Winger, less Defending.

So, a Normal winger is not sacrificing their passing contribution by being played normal and not offensive. This makes passing potentially of more value for a Normal Winger than for an Offensive Winger and should not be underestimated.


Wingers with significant Playmaking skill (PM) and Stamina can make an important contribution to your midfield. A winger played normal is estimated to contribute approximately 50% as much as an Inner midfielder with the same skill. For a winger with Passable PM, that is equivalent to about a full extra level of PM on each of three inner midfielders.

As with any other possession player, playmaking has two benefits for a Normal Winger.

  1. Playmaking boosts the teams midfield and delivers potentially more chances for the winger to use their high Wing and Passing skills to convert into goals.
  2. Playmaking indirectly makes-up for the any defensive failings of of your team by boosting midfield and taking opportunities away from your opponent.


The primary motivation of playing a winger Normal instead of Offensive is their contribution to wing defence.

Because Normal Wingers and Offensive Wingbacks are used infrequently, wingers with sufficient defence skill can often be purchased at a very reasonable price.

The defensive contribution of a Normal Winger is such that they can also double as an Offensive Wingback (or even a Normal Wingback if the defense skill is high enough).

Defense and Pressing

When Pressing, the defensive skill of your entire team is added together to determine your Pressing skill rating. For a team that plays 4-5-1 pressing, the defense skill of your Wingers can be of value.

Where are All the Normal Wingers?

Most managers in Hattrick disdain the defensive contributions from wingers, preferring to play them either as a Winger Toward Middle (favoring more possession and less wing attack) or as an Offensive Winger (favoring more wing attack and less possession).

However, recent changes to the Match engine have enhanced the value of wingers (by increasing the speed of winger training) and the ability to generate wing attacks (Attack on wings and Forward toward wing). As a result, wing defences may see increasing attacks in the future, enhancing the value of more defensive wing play to counter.

Normal Wingers required a wide range of skills. At higher levels, scarce training results in poor availability on the transfer market, although this may be less of a problem if more managers undertake training of multiple skills in the future. In lower divisions, suitable players are more available. In particular, older, more experienced players may combine their experience with lower skill levels to perform effectively.